November 16, 2010


Caught on Live TV - Hidden cameras inside the nightclub - ABC Nightline

I’m not going to send you the usual Love Systems dating tips today. What everyone has been talking about is the ABC Nightline investigation of Love Systems, so there’s no point ignoring it. (If you’re outside the USA, ABC is one of the biggest TV networks, and Nightline is a top –ranked investigative news show.) Before I comment, here’s a video of the TV episode. It’s only fair to let ABC speak for itself first.

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They suggest that Love Systems gives men like you an “unfair advantage” with women. They imply that it’s somehow “not right” for us to date and attract beautiful women. That average guys should stick to average women (or no women). That going to a bar and picking up a beautiful woman and having sex with her is…wrong.

It’s a valid viewpoint. It’s not one I share, but it’s valid. That’s why I wanted you to see the story for itself.

Love Systems has grown A LOT through word of mouth the last few years. Especially this year, vastly more people have read the dating guide Magic Bullets Handbook or attended our training sessions than ever before. And reading this Love Systems dating tips newsletter every week.

So, a word to the new guys first:

I know a lot of you signed up without really knowing Love Systems techniques inside and out. It’s sort of the common thing to say to a man who wants to improve his love life or his sex life – hey, just go sign up for Love Systems. And I know a lot of you joined up with this newsletter because you saw a friend all of a sudden start dating hot women and living the life you want to lead, using Love Systems. But maybe without understanding what this powerful new approach to meeting women actually is.

That’s why I’m taking the pretty surprising step of making sure you see the TV episode, even though they’re trying to smear men who want to improve their success with women. Because video cameras don’t lie. Those are real people attending our training sessions and real women in the club they picked up. This IS what we do:

  • Any man CAN improve his success with women by following proven techniques – from what to say to start a conversation to how to make her your girlfriend.
  • It’s not “unfair” for a man to want to make himself more attractive to women. Women do it with makeup and a push-up bra. Men do it with their personality and what they say.
  • ridiculous. It’s about seeing or meeting a woman you’re interested in and knowing exactly what you need to make her want you just as much.

With some of the email I get, and comments from the mainstream media, there’s an idea out there that Love Systems should be all things to all people. But that’s not going to happen. So I wanted to give you fair warning, so you know what this is all about. If you’re not comfortable, no hard feelings.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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