May 06, 2009


Boston Globe Reporter Confesses That Love Systems Works

On April 15, 2009 Meredith Goldstein said she was “horrified” to report, in the Boston Globe, that Love Systems flat out works. Goldstein claimed she was “forced” to report the truth after being exposed to two nights of witnessing the lights-out approach the Love Systems instructors took with attracting and closing several beautiful women...

Two weeks later, the controversy still rages. The story so far:

  • The Boston Globe’sdating and relationship columnist Meredith Goldstein attends a PUA bootcamp and admits that Love Systems works.
  • In her article she admits that the Love Systems students (guys like yourself) USED WHAT THEY LEARNED FROM LOVE SYSTEMS TO ATTRACT AND SEDUCE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.
  • But Ms. Goldstein is “horrified.”

Read the article here.

Before I get to the next step in the drama, let’s fill in the background.

A few years ago, we made the bold claim that we had cracked the code for average guys to attract beautiful women.

(You see average-looking guys with hot women all the time, so obviously it’s possible. We just needed to figure out how.)

Well, when you make a claim like that, people want you to back it up. So we did:

(All of these, and more, you can see in the video box at the top of or on the Love Systems media page.)

So, we’re not new to the whole skeptical-journalist-goes-to-Love-Systems-and-is-blown-away-by-how-well-it-works thing.

What IS different this time around is that now we have female columnists who are “horrified” by Love Systems. 

Love Systems students are happy. The women they are with are happy. The opinion columnists aren’t.

What’s REALLY going on here...

Let’s call a spade a spade. Some women don’t like the Love Systems Routines Manual and don’t think we should be publishing it.

Well, here’s our response:

The PUA Routines Manual – Volume 2

It’s like they came into our kitchen and told us that our dishes were too spicy. And we looked them in the eye and dumped a giant bowl of hot peppers in the pot.

And that’s why everyone is freaking out – check out what’s in the PUA Routines Manual:

  • All new routines.  There’s no overlap between Volume 1 and Volume 2. I use both.
  • A guide to each routine.  Every routine is introduced with expert advice about when and when not to use it, different variations, and great comebacks to use for the most common responses
  • A full chapter with new openers – never wonder “what do I say?” when you want toapproach a woman, group of women, or even mixed groups (women with men with them). 
  • A whole chapter for each stage of the Emotional Progression Model, including all-newAttraction Routines, Qualification Routines, and Comfort Routines
  • A bonus chapter with phone and text game routines – edited by Braddock, the master of phone and text game. 
  • An additional chapter featuring Day Game routines – edited by Soul, the lead instructor for Love Systems Day Game.

That’s how we originally thought of the book. But then when this all started, we decided we were including a whole bunch of extra stuff – stuff we planned to save for future products because it was so dynamite. Instead, we wanted it to be part of our official response:

  • The Love Systems Triad Model in its entirety.  We were going to wait for Magic Bullets 2.0 for that, but not anymore. We lay out, for the first time, every step of the secret Love Systems approach.  And you benefit. 
  • Turning things sexual.  All of those secret techniques like “seeding” and “sexual framing” that turn cold approaches and “let’s just be friends” into same-night lays and sexual relationships
  • Advanced Attraction game, using both “state-based” and “intrigue-based” routines, with dozens of examples of both.

Anyway, you don’t need me to talk about it; you can check it out for yourself.

More interesting is why this makes people so mad. I’m not sure, but I’ll take a guess. Here are a couple quotes from the Boston Globe article:

“The men I interviewed spoke of wanting power in social situations.”

“Lots of people [learn Love Systems].  Normal people.  The guys who attended the seminar in Boston were unsettlingly normal, men you probably know or work with.  Most were 30-somethings in business jobs.  They weren't ugly.  They seemed nice enough.”

What’s the unspoken message here?

"Nice guys" aren’t supposed to be seducers.

If "nice guys" are out dating and attracting beautiful women, they won’t have as much time to be at these women’s beck and call.

"Nice guys" should give lots of compliments and attention but bow out gracefully when a celebrity or a “natural” shows up.

"Nice guys" should be the shoulders to cry on, the platonic dates when her lover is busy, or the owners of the credit cards that pay for her fun.

And what’s wrong with wanting more power in social situations, anyway?

Do you want more power in social situations?  Is Love Systems ruining society by giving you the power to succeed with women?

  • Do you want the power to CHOOSE who you date instead of waiting for someone (usually not the girl you wanted) to show interest in you?
  • Do you want the power to approach any woman in any situation to explore a romantic or sexual interest?
  • Every women’s magazine is full of dating tips and advice.  (Women teaching this to other women is fine.  But, men teaching this to other men is horrifying.)  Do you want to have the same social power that women do?
  • Do you want to know what women ACTUALLY respond to, or is everything going just fine doing what women SAY they respond to.

Anyway. Controversy doesn’t settle anything.

Both Love Systems and the Boston Globe agree that Love Systems works. But only YOU can decide whether what we’re doing is “fair” or “horrifying.”

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go download the free chapters from Volume 1 of the PUA Routines Manual.
  2. Read it. Use it. Pick up a hottie. Then add your review to the thousands already on The Attraction Forums.
  3. If you’re ready to graduate to the full Routines Manual, order either Volume on a 60-day trial. Or get both together for an incredible discount.
  4. Tell us who is right – Love Systems, or the Boston Globe.

That’s it. Don’t take it from us, don’t take it from the Boston Globe. You decide. And you don’t have to spend a cent.

Let me know how it goes.

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