April 17, 2009


A Boston Globe Journalist is Horrified by Love Systems! Are You?

Read the Boston Globe's article here.

See, Ms. Goldstein sat in a Love Systems bootcamp led by star instructors Braddock and Samurai.

FYI, a bootcamp is where you spend three days and two nights in a small group with top Love Systems instructors to learn how to pick up and date beautiful women.  They do live demonstrations at bars and clubs that you can see and hear and then they watch everything you do and fix your mistakes until you’re succeeding.  Check it out on our Love Systems bootcamp page.

Here are some quotes from her article (I link to the full report at the end):

  •   “I was horrified that... the methods worked.”

“Horrified?”  The New York Times-owned newspaper that covers Iraq, global warming, and the financial crises is HORRIFIED by Love Systems?  Well, Ms. Goldstein, why would that be?

  •   “The men I interviewed spoke of wanting power in social situations.”

Gasp!  No!

Is it true?  Do you want more power in social situations?  Is Love Systems ruining society by giving you the power to succeed with women?

  • Do you want the power to CHOOSE who you date instead of waiting for someone (usually not the girl you wanted) to show interest in you?
  • Do you want the power to approach any woman in any situation to explore a romantic or sexual interest?
  • Every women’s magazine is full of dating tips and advice.  (Women teaching this to other women is fine.  Men teaching this to other men is horrifying.)  Do you want to have the same social power that women do?
  • Do you want to know what women ACTUALLY respond to, or is everything going just fine doing what women SAY they respond to?

Skip the trial; Love Systems is guilty.  We confess.  We give men more power in social situations.

But you know what?  

I think the Boston Globe and Ms. Goldstein are bothered by something on a much deeper level.  Quoting her article:

“Lots of people [ learn Love Systems ].  Normal people.  The guys who attended the seminar in Boston were unsettlingly normal, men you probably know or work with. Most were 30-somethings in business jobs.  They weren't ugly.  They seemed nice enough.”

Read between the lines.  Nice guys aren’t supposed to be seducers.

If nice guys are out dating and attracting beautiful women, they won’t have as much time to be at their beck and call.

Nice guys should give lots of compliments and attention but bow out gracefully when a celebrity or a “natural” shows up.

Nice guys should be the shoulders to cry on.  The platonic dates when her lover is busy.  The owners of the credit cards that pays for her fun.

Well screw that, and screw that agenda.

Love Systems is going to keep on doing exactly what we’re doing, because it’s right and we’re proud of it.

Starting today.  I want to ask you one more question:

What are you doing this weekend?

Are you going to live by Ms. Goldstein’s rules?

Are you going to be seen and not heard, and keep the seat warm until a Love Systems man who “gets it” comes along?

Or are you going to stand up for yourself, against all of the people who tell you no, who say you should settle, who want you out of the way?

Are you going to be a man who OWNS your desires, and has the SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, and TOOLS to make them happen?

It’s a real question. If you want to settle, if it’s too much work, if it’s better to be failing-but-comfortable than to make a change, then there’s no point in reading this.  Click the unsubscribe link at the end of the email. You may be a great person, but you’re not ready for Love Systems. We can’t make you want to succeed more than YOU want yourself to succeed.

Or, choose Love Systems and we’ll be with you every step of the way.  It’s a journey most of us have taken, and come out the other side happy we did.  All of our instructors are former bootcamp students.  They once sat in your chair.  Nothing is stopping you from sitting in theirs.

Maybe you have friends in the same boat, or guys who could use a chance to understand how to have beautiful women as an easy part of their life.  Forward this to them.

Look, we can take criticism.  Braddock and I just flew back from New York where we were on the Tyra Banks show.  We got plenty of it.  That’s life.

But, the Boston Globe piece is just interesting to us because it expresses – better than we ever could – EXACTLY why we needed to create Love Systems, why guys like us have quit careers, law school, and more to be part of it.

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