January 10, 2015


Overcoming Anxiety

Are you a guy who goes through life affected by other people?Maybe you’re impacted or hindered by outside influences and circumstances. Perhaps you feel that you’re not in full control of your life.... 

These common problems plague many guys looking to improve their love lives and these issue also bleed into other areas of their lives as well. We’ve all envied the guy who seems to go through life doing his own thing, not allowing outside influences affect him. This is the type of guy who takes charge of his own life and circumstances.

The truth is that anyone can change himself from being influenced by others opinions and by their own anxieties and negative past life experiences. Anyone can become a man that acts for himself and on his own desires. This kind of man, most importantly doesn't care what others think of him. It is most definitely in your reality to become this type of man that isn't held back by ANY set of circumstances.  You have to believe it, and it will absolutely take hard work on your part!

Many men when faced with the decision to talk to beautiful women often don’t man up. There is a moment though, whether they realize it or not, that the decision to man up or not is made.

You need to see, that EVERYTHING is a choice. You approaching or not approaching that attractive woman that just walked past you is a CHOICE you make, and this choice can become your default or habitual response if you don’t become more consciously aware of it.

When you are not acting on your desires, and not approaching, often a slew of excuses follow. We’ve all been there.

  • ‘She looks mean’
  • ‘She looks too busy’
  • ‘She looks like she doesn’t want to be approached’
  • 'She is out of my league'

You’ll be surprised how often we make some of the excuses above. A good exercise is to write down all of these excuses that you make as they come up and read them back after a day or a night out. You will be surprised what you come up with.

You need to ultimately remember though, that before these excuses, there was a choice to be made. YOU make that choice whether you realise it or not.

Experiencing anxiety about something new is usually a signal for potential growth.

Knowing there is something you want to achieve or experience that is new to you pushes you outside of your comfort zone -  Cue anxiety!  - Ultimately though, it’s our CHOICE if we let that anxiety take control of our life or not.

If you can understand this anxiety as just a new experience that we haven’t quite gotten comfortable with yet, you can then ultimately overcome it. You can learn to simply accept it for what it is…a natural byproduct of comfort zone expansion. CHOOSE to take right action anyway.

You are in complete and full control of your own life. No one makes decisions for you or forces to you to act on your desires, sexual or not. It all comes from you. Everything is a choice, and your reaction to those feelings of approaching is ultimately a choice as well.

Your task then, once you understand where this anxiety comes from is simple:

You need to go out there and create the world and life that you want for yourself. Start choosing NOW, today, the action that will lead you to where you want to be.


Start taking control of your anxieties, owning them, and ultimately choosing to act in spite of them. You will become a whole new you.

You will slowly and gradually become the guy who no longer lets outside circumstances influence him. Instead, you will become the man you've always wanted to be. You’ll become the man who acts in spite of outside influences. The man who sees what he wants and goes for it. The man who sees the beautiful woman of his dreams walk by, and makes the CHOICE to go and talk to her.

Make that choice now, take action, and change your life!

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