September 09, 2015


Six 'tricks' to make yourself seem better looking to women

Anyone who has lived for more than 5 minutes on this planet knows that being good looking is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition to attract women. And anyone who had lived for more than 10 minutes knows that all things being equal the better-looking guys has ad advantage over the ugly guy.

When you hear stuff like "looks don't matter" they're referring to really advanced guys or Love Systems instructors. I love our instructors, but some of them are uglier than I am. And they pick up hot women routinely. So when guys or the media see these less attractive clients or instructors picking up attractive women, they think that looks can't matter. Now, it is true that when your game is really good, being ugly won't hold you back much. BUT, all things being equal, a better-looking man is going to do even better than his average or ugly friends.

6 Tricks to Make Yourself Good Looking to Women

  1. Get a cool haircut. This makes all the difference. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be trendy. Let your hairdresser show you what's possible. When a woman sees you have a cool haircut, she'll assume that you're cool. When people make assumptions, they look for evidence to confirm their assumptions. So she'll be looking for evidence that you are cool and ignoring evidence that you're not.

  2. Body language. It's a huge topic and Hootie is about to come out with the definitive body language book (and I hope you've had a look at Beyond Words) but it's so important. To pick one thing to make yourself better looking: always move like you're moving under water.

  3. Clothes that fit. A new wardrobe can definitely make you seem better looking (and if you take a bootcamp with us, a lot of time guys work with instructors to go shopping or do a fashion consultation). But short of that take your favorite shirts, pants, and jackets to the local dry cleaner and have them tailored. It's cheap, easy, quick, and will make you come across that much sharper.

  4. Get height. No woman in history has said I love this guy; I just wish he were a bit shorter. Lots of shoes at there are perfectly fashionable and give you an extra inch or two of height. Wear them. I do.

  5. Whiten your teeth. Go online and find somewhere. You don't need to have a dentist do it. It really works and it really has an effect.

  6. Buy a pair of light to medium dumbbells for your home or car. Not for a workout program, just do a few sets of curls before you go out or meet a girl. Your muscles will look bigger because of all the blood flowing to them. Just don't expect the effect to last the next morning.

Now, you'll see that in this list, I focused only on simple little "tricks" that are simple to do. The real long-term solution relates to exercise, diet, nutrition, skin care, fashion, grooming, etc. But this should definitely get you started.

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Take care,

Nick (Savoy)

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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