February 03, 2015


10 Inner Game Secrets to Attract More Women

First, some definitions:

Inner Game refers to your beliefs and ideas about yourself, women, and the world around you.  A man who has solid inner game knows that women are interested in him and that women like and want sex.  He doesn’t put women on a pedestal because they’re women, nor does he resent women or have unresolved issues.  Confidence and an abundance mentality come from inner game.  As a definition, if it’s something you can think (as opposed to something you can say or do), it’s inner game. 

In contrast, Outer Game (or “Game”) are things you can say or do.  Most Love Systems products relate to outer game, but not all of them.  Outer game answers questions like “what opening line should I use?” or “what should I text her?”

With that in mind, let’s go over 10 Inner Game Secrets to Attract More Women

  1. Fake it ‘til you make it. Act like the kind of confident in-control man who has solid inner game. No one will know the difference. As you start to have success and get comfortable with your new persona, you’ll find that it becomes natural to you and requires less conscious effort.
  2. Stop focusing on the faults of other people. Changing yourself is hard. Changing other people, who don’t necessarily want to change, is nearly impossible.
  3. Accept that the dating market is no more “fair” than anything else in the world. You probably have fewer natural advantages than Brad Pitt and more natural advantages than someone with Down’s Syndrome. So what? You’re you. Make the most of your life, whatever cards you’ve been dealt.
  4. When working on your inner game, pick one issue at a time.  E.g., let’s say you’re someone who tells yourself that women don’t like you and that you’ll never get a quality girl. Fine. Ignore all your other inner game issues for now and focus on that. Put an elastic band around your wrist and snap it every time you catch yourself thinking those thoughts. You’ll train your brain not to do so in the future.
  5. You are what you do – according to Aristotle. I don’t know if Aristotle would have made a good dating coach, but he got this one right. Pay attention to how you spend your time. That’s who you are. Is it who you want to be? If not, make changes. (Also – women will judge your identity in part by how you spend your time.)
  6. Jealousy is a huge indicator of big inner game issues and often indicates the opposite of an abundance mentality. Systematically root out jealousy from your emotional repertoire. Celebrate others’ success. If this is hard for you, see point 1. Doing this will also make you less of a jerk to your friends and will improve your Social Circle Game.
  7. Exercise. You don’t need to try to go to the gym twice a day, 7 days per week, for hours at a time. Challenge yourself physically at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time. Anyone can prioritize that in their life. The effect of exercise on psychology is proven and indisputable. No excuses.
  8. Keep a journal, get a mentor, or tell people about your journey and goals. Not only does this increase the chance that you’ll reach them, but you will get invaluable feedback on the way. Inner game self-diagnosis is hard – that’s why Inner Game seminars are so popular.
  9. Schedule your priorities and prioritize your schedule. If don’t plan how you’ll spend your time, you’ll blow in the wind and find yourself missing out on opportunities. Remember point 5 and try this for a week and see how you do.
  10. Smile. Smiling doesn’t just show people that you’re in a good mood, it puts people in a good mood. That’s right – the muscles you use to smile release chemicals to tell your brain to be happy. Isn’t the body fascinating?

Want to go into depth? Get the Love Systems inner game audio interview – just $37. (Listen to the first ten minutes for free below).

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Bill Quaintance


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