January 01, 2015


The Four Key Emotions

What we've discovered is that before a woman says "yes" - she wants to feel four specific emotions.

  1. Attraction

    Feeling that your social value is equal to or greater than hers. To grossly oversimplify, women like to sleep with men who are "better" than them.

  2. Qualification

    Feeling that she's earned your attention for non-superficial reasons. Women like to feel that they have earned a man's attention and that he is interested in them for more than their looks. This is for two reasons:

    1. They know that high-value men can easily attract beautiful women. If being beautiful is enough by itself to get you interested, then she'll question whether you're really a high-value man or just a "player").
    2. Women value what they have to work for.
  3. Comfort

    Feeling comfort and connection with you. It begins toward the end of Qualification, when it's clear that both of you are interested in each other. It ends when you have established enough comfort and connection with her that she is comfortable being in a sexual situation with you.

  4. Seduction

    Feeling aroused by you without awkwardness or embarrassment.

What surprised us even more was that these emotions are the most effective when a woman feels them in exactly this order. We call this sequence of emotions the "Emotional Progression Model," and each emotion is a "phase" in the Model.

Why does the order matter? Let's use 'Joe' as example:

Joe: Hi, I'm Joe.
Jennifer: I'm Jennifer.
Joe: Where are you from?
Jennifer: New York.
Joe: Oh cool. I love New York. You're just visiting here then?
Jennifer: Yeah.
Joe: What do you do?
Jennifer: I'm a nurse. Listen, it's been nice talking to you, but I have to go find
my friends.

You've probably experienced a conversation like this as well right? So why did Joe fail?

His mistake was that he got the emotional steps in the wrong order. He started off by asking Jennifer to share the details of her life, so he could look for ways of relating his life to hers. In other words, he tried to build 'Comfort' instead of 'Attraction' first.

Unfortunately, women (especially beautiful ones) tend to get approached all the time by men asking these sorts of 'Comfort' questions. Jennifer has probably learned that these conversations usually end with some nervous guy asking her out, and an awkward situation where she's not interested. So she shut Joe down before the conversation could get anywhere.

The problem is that Joe hasn't yet shown her that he is worth her time. He didn't give her a reason to invest in the conversation.

If Joe were very good looking, that might have given her a reason, or if she had been feeling lonely or insecure, or whatever... but that's not what Love Systems is about.

I want you to be able to easily succeed with secure, confident and beautiful women... regardless of your looks... and trust me with our help you can.

So next time you approach a women, remember to keep these "Four Key Emotions" in mind, and most importantly remember the correct order: 'Attraction', 'Qualification,' 'Comfort,' and then 'Seduction' - this way you won't end up as another 'Joe.'

The Triad Model: My Gift to You

It not only covers "The Emotional Progression Model" that I discussed today, but it also covers in detail "The Physical Progression Model" and "Logistical Progression Model." These are the underlying models which govern almost every stage of an interaction with a woman...click here to read it.

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Nick Savoy


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