December 21, 2014


3 ways to improve Inner game

[Guest Post by Redsky]

Many of us that have sought out the Love Systems community may have had a problem with our inner game at some point or another. In reality if you have been having any kind of 'people troubles', then it might be attributed to your inner game.

What is Inner Game?

This is a very good question and from different people, you may receive different answers. Nonetheless, for me it's a form of self-assurance and confidence that can only be acquired through years of hard work and life experience.

Before I obtained more experienced with dating, I used to look at hot women with ordinary looking guys; like Neil Strauss. And I used to think: "What does this guy have that I don't?"

Then some time later I saw it again, but on this occasion I was so eager to know; as a result I went up to the guy and introduced myself. I won't get in detail with how the interaction journeyed, but let me tell you, that the guy had solid inner game. And whether he was just average-looking or not, he could look me straight in the eyes and have a real conversation. When we talked it was meaningful and engaging. I could tell that he had received that mind-set because he was a hard-worker and earned it with finesse.

I don't remember what we talked about; I think I asked him for directions or something. But the bottom line is... it completely changed my outlook of how females are attracted to men. Should you ever get to be able to meet an average-looking guy that pulls a lot of hot women, learn from that man. Most Love Systems instructors fall into this category.

3 ways to improve your inner game

#1: Exploring and/or Traveling

This is undoubtedly, one of my favorites and definitely will teach you, not just about yourself, but about the world as well. You will experience diverse cultures, meet individuals who think differently and you will have a laundry list of various stories to express after. You can also meet women while traveling!

Something else about travelling is it will allow that you experience lots of things that many individuals will, by no means, ever experience in life. It could even help an individual develop a deeper appreciation for life as well.

#2: Experiencing new things

If you're the type of guy that sits and plays video games constantly in the "Man-cave", then this is aimed specifically at you. Another important means of your inner game development is to go out and do more in general. Be a more social person.

For example, you should be wanting to attend concerts, events, festivals and go to clubs. Make an effort to experience things that you haven't done before. You never know, you might realize that you have a passion for something, which you never knew you had. You may discover something that really makes you happy; in addition to women. A portion of having great inner game is being happy with the world you already live in.

#3: Building more relationships

This is kind of obvious if you think about it. Meeting a lot more people is going to make you more at ease around people. Making a lot more friends is going to make you feel more accepted as well as help one discover how to make more friends. Building relationships to understand women, whether or not just friends, friends with benefits as well as long-term relationships, is going to make you more at ease around women as well. Over-all this this will make you more comfortable with yourself.

The meat of inner game is being comfortable in your own shoes. It's reducing the ego and casting away your facade. If you are willing to see the world for what it is, then people are going to be willing to see you for what you really are.

To conclude...

There isn't any easy way to improve the inner-game. You have to go out and put in the work and not get discouraged when times are really rough.

One of my most groundbreaking moments, for improving my personal inner-game, was once when I visited a slum in Mexico that showed me what serious poverty looked like. In this slum there were people making their homes out of garbage. On top of that they didn't even have running water or even a real bathroom to use.

However, I saw a young boy and girl dressed in their school uniforms, walking home from school with their school books and homework tied together with a hemp rope. It sent a shock of emotion through my spine when I saw this. Right then I realized that I have no right to give up on anything.

Even though those children have nothing, they still strive to make a future for themselves. I learned that day that as long as there's hope, then there is always a chance that hard work will give you.

Ever since then I haven't been the same... every moment I get discouraged or overwhelmed concerning work or life, I just imagine those couple of children walking home from school. That day... in that slump.

So leave your home and experience the world you live in. Go out, so you can find more meaningful reasons to live your life.

If you are looking for a sign, then this is it...


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Nick Savoy


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