December 18, 2014


My favorite line for 2014

Imagine if I wrote you a letter that started like this...

"Jeff, I've got the most BADASS MAGIC LINE for you... I'm going to turn you into a Casanova Cavalier Rockstar with women if you use this......



... Have a nice day."

You'd be disappointed (and maybe a little pissed off). But that's what a girl feels like when you go up to her and then run out of things to say.

She's excited...she's standing and waiting...and if you just stand there waiting to approach, or if you don't have anything to say once you start talking, you ain't getting her number, man.

That's why you want a bit of a structure to what you're saying.

So many guys have the classic opening lines down, BUT they have nothing to follow up with! It paralyzes them and stops them from approaching. It's not a true fix. It's just a band-aid solution.

That's why I tell my students that you want to have a solid transition after your first line.

In San Francisco, I have a BLAST after the opener. It's actually the easiest part for me. See, SF girls are known to have a "unique" sense of style and fashion. It's somewhat the opposite of say... EVERYWHERE! So I use that to my advantage.

This is one of my favorite lines:

Right after the opener, she usually says "thank you" to a compliment I give her...

(You MUST approach her the right way. If you don't, she won't even stop or she may even freak out, but I'll tell you more about openers some other day...)

After the compliment, there is that split second where it's my turn to carry the conversation, so I say...

"You have great style, you must not be from S.F."

This usually gets one of two reactions:

  • She starts laughing and smiling at the joke
  • She says where she is from

Both of these reactions are awesome because you've either made her laugh or have some new information to work with...or both ;)

You can then move the conversation forward and build some commonalities and more attraction. (Yes, she will start being attracted to you that quickly. This isn't rocket science!

So IF you can get her stopped, you can do this. I don't doubt it for a second...

P.S. You know what is my big attraction builder for 2014? Showing that I'm a risk-taker or action-taker. Girls don't care as much if you fail or succeed. They want to meet guys who take action. Guys who take action and are PASSIONATE about what they do tend to become successful. Always take action ;)

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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