January 12, 2015


January 2015 in Love Systems

  • SAVE THE DATE! New SuperConference dates for 2015: August 21-23rd in Las Vegas. Details to come.
  • There's a new Attraction Forums twitter account so you can stay up to date on the best developments and tips to help your game. www.twitter.com/LS_TAF.


Quick Tips / News Your Can Use:

  • The first few minutes after you approach a woman, you should do most of the talking. On a date, she should usually do most of the talking.
  • Change her mood, not her mind.
  • Testing for attraction - if you're sitting with her, and she gives you a compliment or likes something you did, turn your head to the side and point at your cheek, expecting a kiss. If it's slow and lingering, she's definitely into you.
  • Don't solve her problems. Be supportive and confident in her ability to solve them, but don't play therapist or advice-giver in her life. It kills attraction and sexual tension, especially early on.

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Best articles and videos from last month:


Upcoming live training opportunities:

Ten programs for January still have space. Everything else is SOLD OUT.

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Sign up for any of these programs by clicking the link. Or reply to this email for more information.


Recent Reviews:

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On the Lounge:

Every month, members of the Love Systems Lounge vote on which instructor has contributed the most value. December's winner was Intrigue. This is the fifteenth time he's won. The all-time leader is Nick Hoss with 16 wins.

(It sounds hokey, but friendly competition brings out the best in people. Love Systems instructors compete to make your life better.)


Interview Series:

Every month, we get a couple Love Systems instructors together to talk about a specific topic in more depth than we get a chance to anywhere else. Then we boil it down to 1-2 hours of the best material and release it to you.

January's topic is "Small Town Game" featuring Nick Hoss and Labyrinth.

For a lot of guys, going out and approaching consistently and working on their game might be difficult to do due to where they are located - a small town with few nightlife options for example. In this situation, what are you supposed to do if you still want to practice? In this month's IVS, Nick Hoss and Labyrinth explain to you exactly what to do.

Get it now or click here to browse the entire catalogue of interviews, or click here to save 40% by subscribing. And of course like everything we do, it's fully guaranteed.

Take care,

Nick (Savoy)

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