December 14, 2014


December 2014 in Love Systems

Two new changes to these monthly "This Month in Love Systems" emails:

  • You'll see some top threads from The Attraction Forums, including instructor posts, listed under "Best articles and videos" below.
  • I've gotten your thousands of emails! Sold out programs will not be listed under upcoming programs an events.


Quick Tips / News Your Can Use:

  • If you have a persistent sticking point, visualize yourself doing that activity perfectly. E.g., before you go out, visualize yourself approaching without hesitation over and over (if this is a sticking point), or visualize yourself trying to close on every approach. The more detail you visualize, the better. This stuff actually works.
  • If you ever wonder if you should kiss her / move her / get her number / lead her home / etc., do it. Hesitation is usually worse than pushing too fast.
  • Your friends are always the coolest people on the planet. She won't respect you if you don't respect your friends.
  • Keep your drink by your side (or put it down). Holding it at chest level leads to defensive body language and is unattractive.

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Best articles and videos from last month:


Upcoming live training opportunities:

Only six programs left in 2014 that aren't sold out. There are 1-4 spaces left for the programs below. Everything else is SOLD OUT.Click here for an interactive map.

Sign up for any of these programs by clicking the link. Or reply to this email for more information.


Recent Reviews:

  • SuperConference 2014 - review
  • Bootcamp (Cajun) and 1on1 (Tenmagnet) - review
  • Project Rockstar 2014 - review

(Click here to see reviews of all programs.)


On the Lounge:

Every month, members of the Love Systems Lounge vote on which instructor has contributed the most value. October's winner was Intrigue. This is the 15th time he's won. The all-time leader is Nick Hoss with 17 wins.

(It sounds hokey, but friendly competition brings out the best in people. Love Systems instructors compete to make your life better.)


Did you know?

  • Sex burns 150-250 calories per half-hour is a heck of a lot more fun than the treadmill. (Get off the darn treadmill anyway; if you don't know, listen to this interview).
  • About 10% of women can't orgasm. Only about a third of woman can orgasm from penetration alone.
  • In the developed world, there are approximately 86 single men for every 100 single women. Overall, the odds are in our favor!


Interview Series:

Every month, we get a couple Love Systems instructors together to talk about a specific topic in more depth than we get a chance to anywhere else. Then we boil it down to 1-2 hours of the best material and release it to you.

December's topic is "Forming An Approach Habit" featuring Keychain and Vox.

Usually the first thing most guys have to learn is how to get over approach anxiety and develop the habit of approaching. Once doing so, most guys experience an exponential increase in their success with women. But how do you go about forming the approach habit? In this month's IVS, Keychain and Vox teach you exactly how to do so.

Get it now or click here to browse the entire catalogue of interviews, or click here to save 40% by subscribing. And of course like everything we do, it's fully guaranteed.


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