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Never before revealed Nordic and European Pick Up and Attraction Techniques

Before we go into how to get girls in the Nordic countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), and the differences between the Nordics and North, we should note that the basics female psychology are the same wherever you are in the world. You need to approach, you need to create attraction, qualify and the Emotional Progression Model still applies. Moreover, the basic attraction triggers (as outlined in Magic Bullets) are also still relevant:

  • Health
  • Social Intuition
  • Humor
  • Status
  • Wealth
  • Confidence
  • Pre-selected
  • Challenging


There are over 50 different countries in Europe, each with unique cultural, geographical, and religious influences. This article will focus on the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark). Unavoidably, there will be generalizations made which will not apply to all women and situations. However, we will do our best to summarize.

Perceptions Of Sexuality In The Nordics

Nordic girls are more open and liberated about their sexuality relative to Eastern European, and often, Western girls. For many of these women, if they are attracted to you, then sex is not a big issue.

This often translates to fast sexual encounters and/or sexual adventurousness. In line with this sexual adventurousness, we have found that Nordic girls are quite open to going home with someone they have met on the same night.

Our Nordic instructors report that they can usually tell quite fast if a woman is open to going home with someone they meet that night. If a girl is out clubbing in the Nordic countries and she doesn't have a boyfriend or some other logistical factor that might make it difficult for her to have sex on that specific night, it is more likely that she would be receptive to going home with someone she met that night.

The next key is logistics - figuring out what her next day is like. Does she have any 'must do's' early the next day? This is important as it is less likely that she will be up for going home with anyone if she needs to be at the airport picking up her parents at six in the morning.

One of the greatest things about the sexual freedom in the Nordics? More often than not, you can go home with a girl, have the time of your lives in bed, and then both of you not expect to have any further commitment to the other (but of course you both can take things further if you wish). There is that sort of sexual freedom in the Nordic countries.

Nordic women can seem aloof

As with most attractive women, Nordic girls can seem standoffish and aloof in bars and clubs. This does not necessarily mean that they do not want to talk with you. It can be quite the opposite, in fact. Given the fact that Nordic girls are more open with their sexuality (as established above), this aloofness stems from the fact that no girl wants to be an easy catch. The trick is to persevere. Once you break through that, the girls are usually more sexually open than what you might find in other countries.

The level of aloofness can be intimidatingly high in the Nordics. Then again, you are approaching beautiful Nordic girls at high-end clubs, where they get approached regularly. Sometimes it requires several minutes of persistence to get through their "cold club veneer" to even click on some level. During that time, in the worst cases, you may not even get any eye contact during the conversation. So be ready to keep going and plough on through. For advanced tips on gaming beautiful girls in high-end clubs, check out this interview on High-End Club Game.

Speaking English generally works in your favor

Being a foreigner who speaks English in continental Europe can actually help and work in your favor. English is considered a good language to know.

In addition, being a foreigner brings something more fun and exciting to her. It can in some circumstances almost automatically create attraction as there is a certain sexual appeal in being the 'traveller' or 'vagabond'. This 'attraction trigger' could be a topic for another entire article, but for now, suffice it to say that being a traveler means that you can actually get a lot of attraction points for free.

Fashion has an Increased Importance

A lot of Nordic girls are fashion conscious and may 'thin slice' (i.e. make split second judgments using first impressions) you based on your fashion. Fashion is an important part of Nordic club culture and conveys both status and social intuition (two attraction triggers). The Nordic regions in general are very fashion conscious. Consequently, Nordic girls can put more emphasis on clothing than girls anywhere else in Europe or the US. This is especially the case in high-end clubs. If a girl sees a guy that does not dress well, the guy will have a much harder time hitting on her. This is not to say that dress and clothing are everything, but they will improve your chances.

Banter and Humor

Before learning how to successfully interact with women in Europe, instructors would often make the mistake of being too cocky and/or dismissive with our teasing. What we discovered was that this kind of banter and teasing is generally almost always taken more seriously by Nordic and European girls. In fact, sometimes the gentlest sarcasm and jokes will often be taken as an outright insult.

It is easier to use cocky behavior and teasing in the USA than in the Nordic countries. The important thing is to be aware that European girls are more likely to take what you say as a serious comment, even if it is supposed to be a joke. Particularly if you're speaking in English. This generally happens in the Nordics because there is less of a 'tease' and 'joke' culture, and proper delivery is crucial to avoid misunderstanding by the girls. For example, if you tease in the USA, even if you look serious, you'll most likely still get away with it, as the girls will understand that you must be joking. However, in the Nordic countries generally, it is vital to tease with a big smile on your face, and even if you did this, there might still be some doubt as to whether they would understand that you were just teasing.

So should I stop teasing in the Nordics then?

No!! The key in the Nordics is to build up the funny, teasing "guy" frame. This is because in the USA, the girls are used to guys joking around frequently. Guys in the Nordics tend to be more "serious" (in a laid back kind of way) and that is usually what a girl initially expects when she gets approached. As a foreigner this might not always apply as she can't be sure what to expect. However, experience has shown us that starting with too much sarcasm, cockiness, or some hard teasing generally just won't work. Women may very well take your jokes as insults to her, and your initial teasing might make her feel stupid rather than attractive, as you intended. However, the great thing is that when she buys into the fact that you are a funny guy that jokes and teases, you can create a lot of attraction very quickly for being different from the "serious" guys.

Side note: We found that Nordic girls who have traveled to other countries for a significant amount of time tend to better understand and interpret your humor as intended. This can be powerful, as not only does your humor hit better, but you also present a refreshingly different, yet familiar, persona compared to the generally more "serious" Nordic guys.

So how should you generally start off with your banter/teasing?

Slowly ramping up your banter by obviously joking and teasing about yourself rather than about her or external situations is one of the best ways to generally create the impression that you are a humorous guy who can have fun and doesn't and take things super seriously. Once she understands that you're that kind of guy who jokes around, you can then get away with ramping up the cocky and sarcastic side of humor if you choose to.

Side note: as with most humor, you don't want to overdo it and come across as some kind of "clown."

An example of this is an instructor I once knew who met a Norwegian model and made a funny comment about her hair (it was set up in a special way). Now, in the USA, most of the girls would have laughed or continued the banter by playfully teasing back. This model took it as a serious statement, a real insult and almost slapped the instructor before she left. We couldn't believe it! Similar things have happened to a few instructors in Europe. So be careful with your teasing in the Nordics!

In summary, teasing is an effective attraction trigger and you should use it, but escalate the teasing slowly and be extra careful with your delivery when in the Nordics.

European Girls and their Natural Confidence to Escalate

A big difference between European and Western women is that European women will seldom be as forward as some American women would. For example, while an American girl at a certain point would herself escalate, and show more obvious signs of interest in order to go for what she wants, a Nordic girl would be a lot more discreet about her desire and not show it. You therefore need to be leading the interaction all the time, even in the face of disinterest (this can be a fairly advanced topic, but of course "no means no" - use your common sense).

Some guys give up before they reach that point and leave thinking that the girl is not attracted to them. It can be quite difficult psychologically to keep talking and plow through an interaction when it appears for a significant amount of time that the girl is not engaged. This is why your inner confidence, mindset, and social intuition is so important when picking up women in the Nordics.


Finally, American girls' views on relationships, education, and life are generally slightly different from European girls. American girls seem to be fussier about certain standards relating to the guys that they date when it comes to age, education, and relative wealth. We have not noticed this as much in the Nordic countries. For example, women tend to be less money conscious. This can probably be explained by statistics that show that Nordic societies have much less inequality than in the USA - the gap between the rich and poor is smaller, and everyone is entitled to free education, which includes higher education.

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