November 24, 2014


5 Dating Tips You Can Use Right Away

Use these 5 dating tips to fast track your way to dating the women of your dreams:

  1. Lead! Very few women (and fewer still desirable women) will play the "man's role" and make everything happen. That's up to you. A kiss, a second date, a sexual encounter, etc., won't "just happen". It is YOUR responsibility to make it happen. One major reason so many men don't get what they want is because they don't have the balls to go for what they want.
  2. Don't text so darn much! There are a lot of mistakes guys make with text messages, but one of the worst is simply too much volume. Don't text her back every time, and don't text twice in a row without at least a day's gap.
  3. Express positivity. Women only go for the brooding outcast in the movies. Show her that you have a great life that she'd want to be part of, as well as a great energy, by being positive and happy. Don't complain about stuff in your life. Showing her that you can handle things is very attractive.
  4. Touch early and touch often. You can't talk a woman into bed or into a relationship. What is important is the physical conversation. Set a pattern of touching her (appropriately) early in the conversation so that it's not weird or jarring when you escalate later.
  5. You ARE ALREADY on the road to success, if you push yourself. The best "ladies men" in the world all started in your shoes, reading emails like these. There was nothing special about any of them when they took a bootcamp. They were just like you, and you can be like them.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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