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10 more awesome text messages

Q: Hey Savoy. Loved your text game video tutorial. I was already doing 3 of those 5 things, and callback humor and texting in the initial conversation sound great. What do you like to send on the very first text? - Patrick M., Mankato, MN

Hi Patrick. It depends on the situation, but I'll grab a few from my phone and Braddock's Ultimate Phone and Text Game Course.

  1. "Emily! Family meeting tonight, wife #1 and #3 want to meet you. -Nick"

    (We met at a bar the night before, I was joking and pretending that I had 5 wives already, and I was going to make her #6.)

  2. "Nice meeting you Laura. Let's get together for a snuggle session. -Braddock"

    (This one is from the Ultimate Phone and Text Game Course. When Braddock met Laura, they joked about pet peeves. One of Laura's was the word 'snuggle'.)

  3. "Dear criminal mastermind Marie. The cops are on to us. Destroy the maraschino cherry immediately. -Nick"

    (The bartender had been ignoring us when we were trying to order, so we "stole" a maraschino cherry.) You can probably see the pattern here. [Something about her] + [Callback humor] + [Name]. I only sign my name for the first text, so she doesn't have to ask "who is this?" If you don't have any callback humor and you're not sure how into you she is, Braddock advises keeping it simple:

  4. "Hi Sara, it was great to meet you. Have a good night. -Braddock"

Q: Nick, thanks for everything you do. Without Love Systems, I never would have had the confidence to leave my failing marriage and start my new life, but I'm so glad I did. I learned a lot from the texting video lesson but I'm not as experienced with sms/texting as most people. Can you help me with what a "low investment" text message is? - Dennis Y., Oxford, UK

Hi Dennis. A low-investment text just means that there's not a lot of pressure on her to respond and that she if she doesn't respond, she's not blowing you off. Usually they will be short, and they will almost always be statements (or questions that don't require a response) and sometimes a bit humorous or silly. Here are some of Braddock's examples from the Phone and Text Game course:

  1. "Why is the traffic in [city] so terrible? I need a helicopter - now"

  2. "Just dominated two 60 year old men at racketball. My self-esteem = all time high"

  3. "Is it 5pm yet? I've decided work is for the birds and I'm just going to find and marry a rich girl."

If she isn't all that into you when you first start texting, low investment texts are often best.

Q: Hello Savoy - been a big fan since 2010 and Love Systems has changed my life. I've been following your text game advice, but I just don't feel comfortable or confident sexualizing through text. I know it's my own inner game issue, but I'd like to get past it. Can you help me dip my toe in the water? - Eric P., Durham, NC

Hi Eric. First of all, there's no law that says you have to sexualize through text. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to. You'll drive yourself insane if your goal is to master every Love Systems technique. Master the ones you need to reach your goals. Everyone's goals are different and everyone needs different things. Love Systems isn't "one size fits all".

Second, sexualization through text is a big topic - it's an entire section in the Phone and Text Game course - and we've only got a couple paragraphs here. But I'll give you one way that will let you probe for interest without going too far out of your comfort zone and that ties into many women's fantasies for a confident, dominant man.

Start when she asks you to anything, no matter how minor (e.g., "can you resend that text? It came through garbled")

  1. "Say please"

    If she does anything other than ignore you or act offended, come back with:

  2. "Good girl" (or "Bad girl" depending on what she does)

    The "good girl" or "bad girl" is where the sexualization really can start. I started with "say please" because you'll usually have tons of opportunities to use it, and it's a perfect on-ramp to "good girl" or "bad girl". You can go straight to "good girl" or "bad girl any time the situation warrants it.

    Once you have her talking about whether she's a good girl or a bad girl, and saying please under your direction, you have everything you need to ramp up the sexual tension. Or, if you're comfortable being a bit more direct, use this text from the Phone and Text Game Course anytime you've got a disagreement (even if the disagreement is a fake/silly one):

  3. "I don't know if this is going to work out. We're going to be all fights and make-up sex. You'll be exhausted."

Sexualizing through text is about throwing out bait, and seeing what she does. If she doesn't respond sexually or in the same spirit as your message, then pretend it didn't happen and move on. In that case, remember from the video tutorial - act as is everything is always going according to plan.

To dive deeper into Phone and Text Game (now complete with 3 bonus books, transcripts, and over 3 hours of Braddock and I solving text message situations and answering questions, in addition to the main course itself), click the link below to learn more:

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