January 26, 2014


My Simple Theory of Attraction (From Sydney)

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Probably the most common question I am asked is “How do you create attraction”. Of course, I have a ton of techniques that I teach guys, but the key to all these techniques is understanding how attraction REALLY works in women. So in this video, I explain my simple, elegant theory of attraction that – once you really understand it – will help any guy do a better job of attracting (and understanding) women.

Once you understand this simple principle of attraction, all of a sudden things make a lot more sense. You understand a bit better why women play hard to get, why they rarely chase you even if they like you, why they like bad-boys, and other things.



I kept the first video short and sweet, but a lot of people were asking questions, so I made another video where I answered some of the more basic questions that people had. This video explains two simple mistakes that guys make to lose attraction, and the rules you need to follow to avoid making them.



Anyway guys, if you’re in Australia, I’m going to be teaching in Perth the weekend of the 31st. That’s the last Australia bootcamp for a long time! Sign up at www.lovesystems.com.

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