January 06, 2014


Three “under the radar” ways ugly guys get more women

You don't need to look like an athlete or a model to attract women. There are a lot of ugly men with attractive girlfriends, and they're not rich or famous either. My friend Sam from college is a perfect example. He's short and pasty, he has a huge nose and big ears, and everywhere we went, women wanted to be with him.

What's Sam's secret? Using Love Systems, I've reverse-engineered what was going on - and some of these answers may surprise you. Even if you're not ugly, read on - if ugly guys can get great women using these secrets, imagine how well you'll be able to do.

1. Act Attractive

Sam never acted like an ugly guy. Sometimes he'd even tease a woman by accusing her of only flirting with him because he was hot and wanted to use him for sex. The first time I heard him do this, I had to leave the room so I wouldn't laugh too hard. When I came back, they were making out.

Now, this is Love Systems. We don't just say "do this" or "don't do that". That part is easy but doesn't help anyone. We explain how - even if takes a few more paragraphs or doesn't sound as neat and tidy.

So, how do you act attractive? Imagine that you have an invisible friend who is with you 24/7. He can't hear anyone else. And he's blind. Keep checking yourself - what would your invisible friend think? When you've reached the point where he'd have to assume that you were handsome, you're doing it right.

Having rock-solid inner game will help. Ugly guys who women are attracted to always seem to have powerful inner game. It makes sense. I might not be able to look as hot as Brad Pitt, but there's nothing stopping me - or you - from having the best inner game in the world. Play to your strengths.

How do you get great inner game? There's a whole section in the dating advice archive just on inner game with must-read articles. Or, cut to the chase and get "Intro to Inner Game" - the powerful 1+ hours of Braddock and Samurai on the most important inner game secrets - click the link below to start listening right away:

Braddock and Samurai: Introduction to Inner Game

2. Be Touchy - Avoid Let's Just Be Friends

This is probably the #1 intermediate-level mistake most men make (once they get past the basics like approaching women in public, attraction, etc.). Most men simply do not touch enough.

I understand why this is. It's awkward to touch strangers, especially when you're worried it might be seen as rude (or worse). Especially when you're not naturally touchy.

But it is SO necessary. Two separate Love Systems tests (confirmed by scientific research) showed that women will be more attracted and remember a man better if he was touching - appropriately - than if he wasn't. It's in our biology.

And it's even MORE necessary if you're not great-looking. Ugly guys have a much bigger risk of being put in the "Let's Just Be Friends" Zone. But men who are comfortable touching a woman, appropriately, even in public or even early in the conversation almost never get the Just Friends treatment. Touching is the ugly man's secret weapon against 'Let's Just Be Friends'.

Or click here to dive straight into the ultimate DVD Home Study Course for Physical Escalation, Body Language, and Non-Verbal Communication (7 DVDs in all). 

Check out reviews of Beyond Words here.

So, should you just walk up to the next attract woman you see and grab her? Of course not. Touching in an appropriate yet flirtatious way is an incredible skill. It's also a hard one to describe in words, so check out some of these sample video clips below. They're all from the Body Language and Physical Escalation (Touching) Masterclass DVD set - 7 full-length DVDs in all.



Obviously, I can't do justice to 7 DVDs in a short article, but let me pick up a couple specifics where guys go wrong. If you aren't doing these - and can't fix this yourself - get help, because these will hold you back:

  • Touch early - within seconds of meeting most of the time (outside of Day Game)
  • Make it look (to others) and feel (to her) like she is the one being touchy with you - and be ready to pull back when you've got her "hooked" so she wants more.
  • Escalate smoothly and in sync with emotional or logistical escalation. You should never have to "make your move" physically (e.g., to kiss her or put your arm around her). These things should just happen "naturally" as part of your escalation.

3. Fashion and Identity

Even with all the confidence and the best mindset and the most important touching/escalation skills, Sam was still an ugly guy. Part of that can be changed by knowing what you're doing with fashion and hair. (And you don't need to spend a lot). But more importantly, Sam knew that fashion conveys a message. His message was "indy hipster music guy". There's nothing special about that - he could have been pre-law guy or outdoorsy guy or whatever - the important thing was that he had a focus.

So, dressed in his trendy glasses, his hipster outfit and the right concert t-shirts, Sam wasn't going to get approached much by the outdoorsy girl or the sorority princess. But if that's what he wanted, he would have chosen a compatible identity. He did get approached - all the time - but women who understood what his look communicated. Women who were also into the indy music scene, and appreciated a man who knew what he was.

It's like the advice I gave women in It's Your Move - "if you're hot, dress to look hot. If you're average, dress to look interesting." It applies even more here.


  • Get rock-solid inner game
  • Understand and master physical escalation
  • Act like an attractive man - use the invisible friend test and fake it til you make it
  • Choose and commit to an identity. Dress the part, be the part.

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