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What is pre-selection? It is an evolutionary concept, that over the years has been repeatedly tested and proven at parties, bars, clubs, etc. Pre-selection states that women are attracted to men who other women are already attracted to. And it's part of the eight attraction switches outlined in Magic Bullets.

Now that you know what pre-selection is, it's time to understand it!

Pre-selection can be seen and heard - not necessarily at the same time. Let's start with visible, by that I mean, being seen with high value women. We've all had the experience of seeing a troll of a guy in a bar or club with one or two (or more, if he's taken a Love Systems Bootcamp) stunning women hanging on his every word. Which causes a general reaction of "what does he have that's so special? Money? Fame? Does his dick so big that is has an elbow? And probably about a hundred more questions run through your head. Guess what, women are having this same internal dialogue. Except, by making such assumption about this guy, they are assigning him a high value, and by doing this cultivating the seeds of attraction in their own heads.

"But I don't have gorgeous women hanging all over me" you may be saying to yourself, well if you'd let me finish my thought you'd be one step closer to how to having women who make Sophia Vergara look like a plain-Jane, and here's the kicker... It's as easy as approaching beautiful women. If you're out at a club, the music is blazing at near obscene volumes and you can barely hear the woman you're talking to, let alone what's being said across the club. So the only queue of what's going on with everyone comes from visual clues.

But I digress... You are about to approach a smoking hot chick and talk to her and carry on a conversation, if all goes accordingly, you're going to leave that interaction (if you don't end up taking her home) with a number. Well, other hot women see you exchange numbers (always exchange numbers, don't just get her number), and they are now making those assumptions that we made about the ugly guy with the huge wang. Sadly, the world is far from a perfect place, and that beautiful woman either politely, or not so politely, says that she's not interested. "Great, now I'm fucked!" you're thinking, because apparently you never learned not to interrupt. You can still use this to your advantage, by responding as if it was something in your favor. You haven't won this one's heart, or her bathing suit parts, but as you walk away do so smiling. Don't walk away with body language like she just crushed your soul, it's not attractive and it will hurt your chances with other women. Body language is the betrayer of words, learn to always have strong, positive body language.

Now we've learned how to make it look like we women are interested in us, let's learn the non-visual ways to convey pre-selection. Story telling, is an art in-and-of-itself, and merits it's own article. We'll look at two sources who can tell stories.

  1. The first, obviously comes from you, this is where stories about your female friends, the great times you have together, and how much they love you. Avoid telling stories about how your ex left you, and she was the best thing that ever happened to you, and now you're convinced you're going to die alone, fat, and poor, surrounded by your blow-up doll collection. A downer is never sexy, don't do it. But done well, stories about your ex can help you.
  2. Friends are your friends for a reason. A good wingman, or wingwoman (she will also give you some visible-pre-selection), can tell a story that you're a character in with women without making your sound like a player.

For shits-and-giggles, here are a few miscellaneous notes on demonstrate pre-selection.

  1. Keep pictures in your phone of you out with friends having a great time. Every guy can benefit from a picture of him with his arm around his hottest female friend (it's help more if there's an interesting story attached to it.
  2. Along the same lines, pictures (like the ones mentioned above) can work wonders for your online dating profile (or Facebook).
  3. As with everything in life, use pre-selection in moderation. Most women, will be turned off by the prospect of being another notch in your belt. Don't let her think that you sleep with so many women, that by Christmas time you'll have slept with every woman in LA.

Pre-selection is a great tool in the pickup bag of goodies, as long as it's used correctly. You now have the ground work to be the guy at the bar that everyone wonder what he has that they don't (of course, you're a much better looking version of that guy).

For more in depth information on Pre-Selection check out the Interview Series here.

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