July 11, 2012


Carlos Xuma | Alpha Lifestyle Systems

Alpha Lifestyle Systems

Carlos Xuma is one of the early innovators of what is known today as the seduction community; a group of companies and individuals dedicated to increasing their skills and the skills of other men in romantic relationships with women. As a motivational speaker and dating coach, his goal is to help men meet and attract quality women into their lives.

To accomplish this goal, Xuma founded Dating Dynamics, an internet company with a range of products and services designed to teach men the skills necessary to have more options and power in their dating lives.

The lifestyle coach has also appeared on many TV and radio stations such as ABC, CBS, Playboy Radio, and Maxim Radio to speak on the topic. Xuma has also collaborated with other pickup companies including Love Systems as a past speaker at the annual Super Conference in Las Vegas.

Xuma's company is designed around the idea of a term he coined known as R.E.A.L. game. His system is based off his early interactions studying men and women as well as his own background and influences from martial arts training and Eastern philosophy. R.E.A.L. is actually a double-acronym standing for “Relaxed & Resourceful”, “Effective & Energized”, “Authentic & Alpha”, and “Lifestyle & Lasting.” He is a proponent of foregoing rehearsed lines or “routines” in favor of being genuine and authentic in his interactions with women.

Xuma sees his system as not just a method for picking up women, but also as a lifestyle change meant to improve all aspects of a man's social interactions, character, and confidence. Xuma has coined other theories such as the “Pendulum Theory” and the “Bad Boy Formula” as well.

The dating coach breaks down a man's attractiveness to women in what he calls the “3 S's”. These are self-confidence, self-discipline, and sense of humor. The S's are the basis for Xuma and his clients to meet women, get a girlfriend, create friends with benefits, or any other relationship goal they may have.

Carlos Xuma & the Alpha Male

All of Carlos Xuma's theories, techniques, and products are based on the over-arching idea of the “Alpha Male” or “Alpha Man.” Xuma believes that there is a gender disadvantage between men and women which plays into men generally communicating less on the subject of how to pickup women, leading them to fall behind in how to meet and attract women in modern society. Most would agree it would be odd to hear a man ask “how do I find a girlfriend?” of another man in daily conversation.

This has in turn caused men to become confused of their gender role in society in the sense of being masculine, leading to lower confidence and knowledge in this area. Xuma teaches that masculine confidence stems from self-esteem (how worthy a man believes he is), self-image (the tasks a man can or cannot envision himself performing), and self-confidence (how certain a man is about his abilities or the world in general.)

It was this idea that Xuma based his current lines of products on known as the Alpha Lifestyle Systems. The three lines or “paths” focus on building confidence with women, meeting and attracting women, and becoming the alpha man.

Each path is also progressive from beginner, to intermediate, and finally the advanced level allowing for the trainee to practice as he learns Xuma's system from the DVDs. For potential buyers, the Dating Dynamics site also has several free products to try including The Approach Anxiety Annihilator e-book, The Art of Attraction e-book, and the Meet and Attract Women CD.

For those wanting continuous advice, Xuma has a regular newsletter that he sends to registered members on all topics of women to give dating tips and answer questions from broad principles to specific situations that men may encounter.

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