January 28, 2013


Date More Women With This Trick

I have a “weird” trick for you that you can use to date more women

Last weekend at the bar, I met a very cute blonde (my weakness) but I had plans for later so I had to get her number instead of taking her home. My phone was buried in my jacket pocket, so I needed to put my drink down. Her hands were also full, so I asked this other girl who was standing behind us to hold my drink for a second, while I fished out my phone…

Just normal bar stuff, right? Except for my friend Darren (who is just starting to train to be a Love Systems instructor) noticed what was going on.  And since I accidentally turned my video camera on when I put my phone away, it recorded the rest of our conversation after the blonde left:

how to date more women DARREN: That was the most bullsh-t opener I’ve ever seen.


DARREN:  You’re basically telling some girl ‘watch this other hot girl give me her phone number’. You get preselection and social proof, and you get them for free.

SAVOY: Look at you, using Love Systems concepts. But do you know what you’re talking about? What’s the difference between preselection and social proof?

DARREN: Preselection means that women like men who other women are attracted to, even if they don’t realize it. Social proof means that women like men who other people like and respond to, especially if you want to know how to attract high quality women.  

SAVOY: Sure. They apply to more than women and dating, but close enough. Now what did you mean by ‘for free’?

DARREN: You haven’t officially “approached” or “met” her yet. But you’re forcing her to observe you, without doing anything to imply that you’re interested in her.

SAVOY: And why is that important?

DARREN: It's part of female psychology...If she thinks you’re deliberately trying to show her that you are pre-selected or that you have social proof, she’ll lose all attraction to you.

date more women There’s actually even more to it than that. This opener was also “baiting” the girl behind me to initiate or continue the conversation with me herself. The more you can put a woman in the position of pursuing you, the more this will make her chase you

In this case, she didn’t do anything right away, or even really take the bait when I pretended to tease her for drinking part of my drink when she had it. But I did catch her glancing at me a couple times later, and when I approached her later, she was extremely receptive. I have dates with both of them next week… 

How To Date More Women With This Trick 

Anytime you raise your social value (people are hanging on your every word, you’re about to order another bottle of champagne, a hot girl is about to give you her number, your celebrity friend just showed up), use the multiplier effect. The woman you’re already talking to will notice what you’re doing anyway. Make sure other girls are as well. The easiest way to do this is with a request that nearly guarantees compliance, like asking her to hold your drink.

Then wait to see if she pursues the conversation. If she doesn’t, don’t force it – it’ll still be much easier to approach her later.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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