December 26, 2012

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Get the Girl this New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is on the way, and I don’t want you to miss out. It’s one of the best nights to meet women all year. 

Why is this?  First, it’s the holidays.  Many women are out of their usual routines and are open to meeting someone new.  Single women will have just gone through the holiday season alone – and are especially open to meeting a great guy.

Besides, everyone goes out on New Year’s Eve – even women who don’t normally hit the club or party scene.  People are out having a good time, it’s a night where people are usually in a good mood, and, of course, there are kisses at midnight which is great for physical escalation.

Get The Girl on New Year's Eve 

get the girl you want If you want to learn how to attract women during the holidays, especially New Year's, plan where to go. Start now. You can only meet the women who are at the same party as you. This isn’t some random Tuesday night in May where people might end up anywhere – New Year’s Eve is an event and women treat it that way. They’ll be planning exactly where to go – shouldn’t you?

Second, plan an “afterparty” (I’ll explain what one is in a second).  Picture this scenario.  It’s just past midnight. You know how to talk to girls, have been talking to an interesting woman, and want things to continue. The party is dying down. What do you do? Do you invite her to a fun-sounding afterparty or do you say goodnight and watch her leave with someone who learned the lessons from this message? 

An “afterparty” doesn’t have to be elaborate – that’s why I put it in quotes. All you need is a few people (not all guys), music, drinks, and somewhere comfortable to hang out. The point here is that a woman is much more likely to leave with you to go to an afterparty than she is to back to your place to see your home movies.

Even if you don’t get physical, she’s a lot more likely to go on a date with you if you’ve hung out together in a couple different places than if you’re just a random guy she met while drinking.

Get the Girl At the Party 

A Love Systems research report a few years ago about female psychology showed that attractive women are more likely to be interested in men whom other people (especially other women) notice and are attracted to.  Women don’t usually even realize that they are making these judgments – women are often being honest when they say that they don’t know why they feel a certain way about a guy, but they do. 

The psychology behind these concepts (Pre-selection and Social Proof) gets pretty deep, and it’s very useful when becoming a social person in general, but for the purpose of New Year’s Eve, we can break it down to a few key points:

get the girl

  • Always look happy, engaged, and relaxed.
  • Don’t stand alone – always be with someone.
  • Don’t wander around looking for someone or something interesting.   Act as if the party is right where you are.
  • Always act like everything is going completely according to plan. 
  • Be friendly to everyone, even women who you’re not attracted to – the women who you do want will notice and be that much more receptive.

Get the Girl by Watching the Clock

New Year’s Eve is unique.  Right before midnight, whatever you’re doing is going to come to a crashing halt as people start getting reading to count down to the New Year. Even though you're building comfort with a woman, wind up your deep conversations or they’ll be wound up for you.  Make sure you’re around the woman you’re most interested in as the countdown to midnight starts – ideally, you should have already put your “work” in with her by this point.

Even a “Midnight on New Year’s Eve” kiss is a kiss – and the kiss is the powerful dividing line between “flirting/plausible deniability” and “something romantic or sexual is going on her”.  Get that kiss and avoid the friend zone.

Get the Girl with this last tip

Most of all, it’s New Year’s Eve.  People are out to have fun, so be more social and in the moment. If you get the basics right that we’ve covered in the column and you go out and have fun and show the best side of yourself, you’ll do just fine.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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December 21, 2016

I like the advice in this column, very much needed, was with my ex for 20 years, and out of touch with meeting and talking to women.

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