October 22, 2012


Dating Girls - First Date?

Do you want to be dating girls? Of course you do! Dating girls is fun and can lead to a sexual relationship if you do it right! Step #1: go out and get some dates! Once you have a girl in mind, you need to proceed carefully. Why? Because the first date is very important. If you cannot build a strong connection during this initial encounter, you are likely out of luck.

So what are a few good options for a first date? Let’s take a look.


Wrong. Dinner dates can be awkward if you run out of things to say. And you will probably run out of things to say when you sit at a table for an hour and a half. Moreover, being across from each other makes it impossible to physically escalate. If you can’t touch her, you can’t build intimacy. Finally, seeing each other gorge isn't exactly sexy. Even if you bounce to another location, the lingering image of you shoving a steak down your throat could damage her impression of you.


Wrong again. Remember when your mom suggested taking your crush to see a movie? Well, that was back in middle school. Your mom has since sold the minivan and you (hopefully) moved out of her house. Why are movies such terrible options? Because it is extremely hard to forge a connection when you are silently watching Spiderman leap across building tops. In addition, movies are long and tiring. Afterwards, she will likely go home and sleep. Alone. Long story short, you will have spent three hours going absolutely nowhere. If you want to be dating girls you should not take them out to the movies.


Correct. Good job. Going to a bar provides you and her with a socially stimulating environment. The energy is high and the atmosphere is conducive to conversation. When you arrive at the bar, make sure to pick a seating arrangement that allows you to get physical. For example, sit next to each other on a couch or at the bar. Do not sit across from her at a table. That is simply a recreation of the troublesome dinner scenario. Once you have had a few drinks at a particular venue, move her to a different bar. This creates the sensation that you have been on several dates in one night.

Inviting Her to Your House

Correct. Now, I know what you are thinking. What girl would want to come to my place on the first date? I know this seems difficult, but there is a way to pull it off. During your first meeting with a woman, lay a proper foundation. For example, you could mention that you are a terrific cook, or that you have a new television that is phenomenal for watching movies. If you can subtly bring these topics into the conversation, you can raise them later when proposing a first date at your place. Once she has agreed to come over, it will be easy to get intimate. Moreover, she will get to see many parts of your life which will humanize you in her eyes.

General Tips:

  • Aim to have her meet you at your house.
  • Start touching her as soon as she arrives. The initial touching does not need to be sexual; simply maintain a consistent level of physical playfulness. This will make the eventual physical escalation feel more natural.
  • Kiss her within the first hour no matter what. If she denies your kiss, ignore it and move on to a random topic of conversation. This relaxed reaction will convey confidence and increase her attraction to you. After 15 minutes, try to kiss her again.
  • Always be in charge of the plan. Never ask a woman where she wants to go on a first date. Pick a place and lead her. When you bounce to a new venue, do not ask for input. Choose a spot, preferably where you know people, and then go.

Follow this advice and you'll soon become an expert at dating girls!

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Nick Savoy


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