August 21, 2012


Pick Up Lines - Approaching Her

Corny pick up lines can be fun to use when you're out in a bar, lounge or club. You should always make sure you deliver them with a smile or a grin on your face. Here are some of our favorites:

  • I was just trying to have a guys night-out but now you've totally ruined it. You had to be so cute.

  • You guys aren’t from (The city you’re in), there’s no way. How long are you in town for?

  • Don’t say anything, you’re cute. You’ll mess it all up.

  • I'm here to get married and lose my virginity, but I'm not sure in which order, what do you think?

  • Hey if you're checking me out like that you should at least say something.

  • I saw you checking me out, if I didn’t come and say ‘hi’ I was scared you’d follow me home later.

  • I’m going to take you home in my little pocket and ask my roomies if I can keep you. Wait, are you housebroken?

  • Hi...damn it, I forgot all my pick-up lines!

  • Are you shy? Coz I've been in this bar for at least half an hour and you still haven't come up to me to say 'hi'.

Although you can definitely have fun with these corny pick up lines, they won't get you very far in terms of actually picking up the girl. Fortunately, there are other things that you can do that are much more fun and will also make the girl attracted to you. At Love Systems we call these openers and routines. Most aren't lines but more like 'games' or 'stories' and are full of 'if she does this, then you do that' and so on.

Here is a great example of an opener used by one of our master pick up artists Cajun:

Cajun : Hey what do you guys think about moustaches?

Girl: They're gross...

Cajun : No I mean on guys though..

Girl: Hahaha, are you growing a moustache?

Cajun : Yeah, me and my friends are, for charity.

Girl: What charity?

Cajun :.....the Burt Reynolds foundation for testicular cancer.

Girl: What? Does he even have testicular cancer?

Cajun : (dead serious) No, he actually has something called "cheddar cock"

Girl: WHAT! hahahahah!

Cajun : Don't laugh, that is just the slang name, it's really serious, he might die.

Girl: What is it?

Cajun : Well...its like these orange mushrooms growing all over his foreskin.

Girl: WHAT!?

Cajun : Yeah and apparently they taste like cheddar hence the slang name.

Girl: (between fits of laughter) How do you know what they taste like!?

Cajun : I don't, he just posted that on his blog.

Girl: Who did?

Cajun : Burt Reynolds...

Girl: How do you get charity for growing a moustache?

Cajun : Well I grow it and then I donate it.

Girl: Donate the moustache??

Cajun : (trying as hard as I can to appear dead serious) Yeah, you know guys who get chemotherapy, their hair falls out, so I grow a moustache for them, donate it, and then they stick it on their lip with some scotch tape or something and then nobody knows they have cancer.

Girl: You're hilarious! Drink with us!

Cajun : I should go make sure my friends are having fun without me, ill be right back...

If you want to check out more of these type of fun routines, check out our Routines Manual. This manual contains over 200 pages of the best conversation starters, openers, routines, stories and games that will make a big improvement to your ability to talk with women!

You can also get our free report with five of the funniest conversation openers, routines and stories that you can tell a girl. These will make her laugh so much that she will become instantly attracted to you and they will work much better then any corny pick up line!


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