June 06, 2012


How to Approach Women


Learning how to talk to women can seem like a daunting task.  We can simplify this whole process by dividing your time with a woman into sections including: approaching, transitioning, attracting, qualifying, and building comfort. This system described in love systems boot camps can be used to describe the emotional, physical, and logistical progression you must make in order to get the girl. Learning how to approach women, the first thing you need to do to start this process to eventually get the girl most guys are reluctant to do this and shy away from opportunities to converse by making up excuses like "she probably has a boyfriend," "she's not my type," or "she looks like a bitch." But these rationales are nonsense. What's really going on is one of two things:

  1. You don't know what to say to a girl.
  2. You're afraid of being rejected.

If you ask anyone in the pick up community about what to say to a girl, they'll tell you that the subject matter or "line" you begin with doesn't really matter. What does matter is the way you speak and your body language.

When you approach a girl for the first time, she will form an instant impression of you in a split second. If that impression is good, you'll get a positive response almost no matter what you say. If that impression is bad, she'll likely be cold and disinterested, signaling her lack of enthusiasm by giving very short answers, looking away from you, or even ignoring you.

So how can we make sure this first impression is a good one?

First, take on a confident body language and ensure you have a command presence when you make your initial approach. Keep your head up, relax your shoulders, hold your drink to the side (not in front of you like most guys do) and walk slowly. Imagine you are the owner of the venue and you're walking over to ask a customer if she's enjoying your bar. You know how people say "that guy acts like he owns the place or something?" That guy should be you. This is a very important aspect of learning how to approach women. If you project the right image through positive body language, you'll find that instantaneous rejection will be very rare. Women will at least converse with you, even if they don’t end up hopping in your bed.

The next critical thing to remember is that rejection is no big deal. There is no reason to be afraid of it. Why? Because she is not rejecting you as a person. She doesn’t know you, your family, your friends, your background, etc. She is only rejecting your method of approach. Essentially, she is giving you feedback on your body language, telling you that some visual cue from your body and actions is not appealing. Take that criticism and think about what you did wrong. How did you feel walking over? Were you completely relaxed? Were you nervous? The only way to learn is to practice, make mistakes, analyze, and repeat.

If you want to learn how to approach women, you need to approach them regularly. Before going out, set the goal of approaching 4 girls before you are allowed to go home. If you go out three times a week, you'll do 12 approaches a week. After two months, you'll have approached close to 100 girls! That's probably more approaches than most guys have done in their entire lives!

If you truly want to better your abilities and get the girl, Love Systems recommends that you download the full length free report titled "Top 10 mistakes men make with women." You can get it immediately and confidentially delivered to your inbox. Just enter your email in the box at the top of the page and let the games begin!

Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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April 08, 2016

I am going to be 35 next month and I never had a gf and never approached anyone. I have social anxiety so I get real nervous just getting a sub sandwich. I sometimes get nervous speak jibberish or my mind goes. blank so if I do that I probably do worse with a hot 22 yr old.Me being 6ft n 350 lbs with salt n pepper look wont do. I do look young for my age.

Nick mugambi
Nick mugambi

January 04, 2016

love the post


December 29, 2015

The thing that makes men reluctant to approach women is that they have not had any practice. If they were to be approaching a man or a couple of blokes they would be themselves and have no problems with saying “g’day mate”
or how’s it going. They have done this hundreds of times, so approach her in the same way. Think of her as if she were a bloke and say “hi hows it going”. If you are fairly loose in your words she will be ready to join you in conversation. Her reply may be something as easy as “hi, have we met before?” If a bloke said this to you your reply may be something as simple as “not sure but G’Day anyway my name is Peter. Do you come here often?” Say this to her and you have started a conversation. Pick up on what her followup is and go from there. It is really as simple as 1,2,3. If after every possible effort you still don’t have a date, just say "anyway nice to meet you and walk away, leaving her to think “oh bugger I could have had that guy now I am alone again.” She in all likelyhood if you bump into her again will not miss a second chance and she may even approach you, with something like “we met the other day, I’m sorry I may have seemed rude but My girlfriend has just recently met (George Clooney) and I wasn’t thinking straight”. Your reply may be like I didn’t think anyone would recognize me in this disguise, put you hand out and say “just call me George for now and you are?” If you can’t go from there, give up you are destined to join the monkhood…..Peter

Alex Wolff
Alex Wolff

December 27, 2015

Very insightful, I like the idea of thinking to your self, you own the place and you are asking a customer, how they are being acommedated. I also thought approach 4 girls everytime you go out was a great goal thank you very much

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