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Simple Pickup | How to Get a Girlfriend

Simple Pickup is a relatively new company within the seduction community dedicated to improving men's skills in picking up women. As a small, three-man operation it has arguably made more waves within the mass media recently than some of the bigger pick up companies due to its diffusion of information using YouTube. In fact, the company has yet to publish a primary "pickup book" like most other companies such as Love Systems' Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy. The trio instead offers more cumulative videos complete with audio of them picking up women than any other dating website at no cost to view.

Pickup Artists

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The pickup website is owned and operated by three men in their mid-20s who all came across the idea of learning the subject of and training themselves on how to attract women. Although Kong, Jesse, and Jason came from various backgrounds, through their individual differences they forged a common bond to develop their own sub-section of the seduction community and form Simple Pickup as it is known today.

Kong was an introverted video game enthusiast throughout most of his college years. Being from a very traditional Asian family, he found himself lacking confidence and assertiveness in his long-term relationships as well has his social life in general. Kong came to a crossroads in his life when he broke up with his girlfriend after a particularly emasculating conversation. He turned to an internet search of "How do I get a girlfriend?" for answers. It was here that he found forums for men dedicated to the pursuit of improving their relationships with women and where he met Jesse.

Jesse's social life revolved around video games much like Kong's did. He admits to this day that he actually chose to go on a "dungeon raid" in the World of Warcraft computer game rather than going to his high school prom. This habit combined with eating junk food while playing and suffering from crippling social anxiety made Jesse realize that something in his life had to change so that he could be happy. He grasped onto the idea that if he could figure out how to meet women and get a girlfriend, he could improve his life immensely. After eating healthy and exercising, Jesse gained confidence by losing weight that transferred over to his social life. To overcome his fear of public situations he enrolled in a speech class and has come to believe a key tenant for pickup and for life - that life will not just "fix itself" and that you have to face your fears to grow.

Jason grew up with a condition known as epilepsy which randomly causes seizures. He first experienced this condition during lunch time in grade school and was labeled from that day forward as the "seizure kid." As the boy that was consistently being made fun of, he found it very difficult to make friends or talk to girls. When he finally worked up the courage to ask out his first girlfriend he had a seizure due to the high stress of the situation and, even though she said yes, Jason found himself unhappy in an incompatible relationship. Looking back, Jason realizes now that he stayed with that girl because he thought she was the best he could do. After helping Jesse and Kong develop Simple Pickup, his biggest piece of advice is to "just try" to learn how to attract women. He attests that although learning to meet women can be scary, it's one of the most thrilling challenges a man can accept.

Where to Meet Women

The majority of the demonstration videos Simple Pickup provides are in high-traffic public areas such as outdoor cafes or the beach during the day. College campuses are a favorite among the trio, however names and faces are often blurred out to provide confidentiality to the women and areas where the men practice. Although the bulk of the footage "in field" is on campuses, other information on the site is available in the form of video articles that talk about different topics ranging from "how to date hot women" to "how to get out of the friend zone." Some articles are also catered to picking up women in different venues such as night clubs or college parties.

How to Pickup Girls

The demonstration videos on Simple Pickup are very rarely a successful pickup broken down step-by-step. Instead, they offer several bits of how to attract women that are at various points in the interactions. While the videos tend to be sparse on particulars or organized, practical advice, they show the coaches' most important advice - that confidence, tonality, and body language are far more important that most other factors. Their game also appears to be more focused around meeting the largest amount of women in the shortest amount of time, with attaining a phone number from the woman being the ultimate goal.Simple Pickup

This reoccurring message is demonstrated by the coaches reading their viewers' comments and purposely putting themselves in strange, disadvantaged, or completely awkward positions when attempting to pick up women. This may be anything from the coaches intentionally trying to ruin each others' approaches to show how to overcome obstacles, to dressing up in outlandish costumes or even a wheelchair to show that looks don't matter if confidence is properly projected. Viewers can even submit comments to the trio and suggest pickup lines for them to create videos around.

Project Go

Jason, Jesse and Kong have created a compilation of pickup material including videos with commentary, podcasts, web seminars, live face-to-face webcasts, and personalized feedback into a program they have termed Project Go. Being the primary product of their company, project go is Simple Pickup's attempt at providing the most realistic view of their method to meeting women. The information is provided weekly and monthly in a progressive manner to allow the trainee to grow as he internalizes the information. The company also has weekend bootcamps that offer 1-on-1 training as well as private and free forums for men to share their questions, experience, and advice on dating. Simple Pickup also has a mailing list sign up for men to receive their new material as soon as it comes out. 

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