May 19, 2014


5 crucial Day Game vs. Night Game tricks

I see too many men doing "Day Game" stuff in bars and clubs, and "Night Game" stuff at malls and coffee shops. This will turn off women. Even women who would have liked you otherwise. What a wasted opportunity!

Let's get straight to the point and cover 5 crucial Day Game vs. Night Game differences you need to know:

Day Game vs. Night Game

  1. You don't need to touch her in Day Game. You do need to be "touchy" in Night Game. This is the biggest Day/Night mistake men make and it's a killer.
  2. Day Game pick ups are usually 15 minutes or less. Make plans and see her later - ideally that night. It's not like a at a bar where you can chat for hours. You have a few minutes to make her feel attracted, qualified, and comfortable and then to make plans to see her again. Don't waste time.
  3. Night Game is higher energy. The point of going out at night (for many women) is to have interesting conversations. You can talk about anything. The point of going out in the daytime is to get something done. So you should act like you were just in the middle of something but couldn't help noticing her.
  4. There's much less competition (and alcohol) in Day Game, so she's more likely to remember you. This means you can build up her anticipation and wait a bit longer before texting her. For night game you should start texting while you're still talking to her.
  5. Women aren't as concentrated in one place in Day Game as they are in a bar or club.

Bonus: This is just a start. There are tons more differences that we cover on the Love Systems website and in our training programs, so you know what to do in every situation. E.g., women are often alone during the day, rarely at night. So your wingman tactics are different. E.g., there's no doorman or bouncer in day game, so she'll be more on her guard; it's important to establish safety in the first few seconds. And so on...

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