July 11, 2012


David Wygant - Pickup Artist Explained

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David Wygant is a PUA dating coach and pick up artist trainer who is another big proponent of natural game and being true to oneself. His down-to-earth approach follows this blueprint and he coaches both men and women. David Wygant only got into the field after his first marriage dissolved when he was in his 30s and he resolved to learn what he could. In 2003 he established David Wygant Inc. and as one of the first pick up artist coaches in the industry, some of his advice and lifestyles influenced the producers and directors of the movie Hitch, which follows the fictionalized story of a pick up artist in New York City. He is one of the more prolific PUAs and dating coaches featured in the media, including appearances on many TV shows, radio shows, and magazines.


David Wygant divides his PUA products into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced pick up artist materials, as well as specialty products. In addition, he also writes a blog on his PUA website, does individualized coaching, and conducts various seminars and bootcamps.

The Fearless Code is David Wygant's entry product for beginners. He doesn't believe in crafting pickup lines, telling stories, or being contrived in any way. His approach is based upon building inner confidence and engaging in normal conversation. But this can only happen when one is not living in one's head or surrendering to one's fear all the time.

For his intermediate level product, David Wygant's Undercover Approaches is a series of audio and video approaches David Wygant did himself while being mic'd up.  He claims that by just listening to the progression of various conversations that he had and emulating some of those patterns, your success with women as a pick up artist will increase

David Wygant's Men's Mastery Series is his advanced level product where he gives his personal techniques for approaching women by breaking it down into where in your lifecycle you are and the type of women you are meeting.   These techniques are also those that he teaches in his bootcamps as well.  He has separate audio CD series for 16-22 year olds, for 22-32 year olds, and for 32 and older guys.

David Wygant's Specialty Series covers a variety of specialty topics including:

  • Art of Close, where he covers how to covert those numbers you get into dates and beyond.
  • Texting, where he teaches what to text and how to escalate with a woman through texting.
  • Online Dating, where David Wygant covers how to stand out from the crowd and get that beautiful woman to respond to you.
  • Sex, where many sexual techniques are explored and discussed in showing how to keep a woman arousal and sexually interested in you.

On top of these products, David Wygant also regularly provides seminars on various pick up artist topics as well as bootcamps where he covers many of his techniques, especially inner game ones, and he claims to personally assess every one of his clients in order to determine what exactly his strengths and weaknesses are in order to craft a personalizes program of action. 

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