July 11, 2012


Sinns of Attraction | Sinn PUA | Jon Sinn

Started by the pick up artist Sinn (Jonathan Lee), The Sinns of Attraction is a PUA company based in Los Angeles that specializes in Sinn's own pick up artist techniques. Sinn was a frustrated AFC who worked his way up to his skill level after years of practice, eventually culminating in meeting and working with Mystery and learning the Mystery Method.  However, after years of "success" using his PUA persona, he hit a low when he attempted suicide after despairing that a woman could ever be attracted to him as he really was rather than through false routines. Studying various methods of cultivating a natural approach, Sinn eventually become good at that techniques and now teaches his own pick up artist technique based upon natural attraction.


The Seduction Roadmap is a series of live tele-seminar sessions packaged in sixty minutes sessions in 7 parts.  The program claims to break down seduction into a series of concrete steps in order to achieve success with the women one desires.

How to Get Girls to Chase You is a series of videos that claim to cultivate the skills needed to have girls chase you instead of the other way around.  The techniques are based upon the cultivation of an enhanced version of your natural self.

100 Days to Killer, Rock Solid Inner Game focuses upon, well, one's inner game and its importance in developing one's sense of inner confidence that is key in order to be successful pursuing the women you desire.

Attraction Mastery is about the front-end of a pick up artist's interaction with a girl, specifically in being able to generate attraction which is key in progressing toward the subsequent stages of PUA technique.

Breakthrough Comfort Formula home Study Course goes through the steps and concepts of getting a girl to feel comfortable with you, which is very important in having a girl feel ready to be sexual with you.

The Ultimate Guide to Approaching is about the first tool in the pick up artist's toolkit, namely approaching a woman and opening her.  Includes various techniques for opening single women to multiple women to mixed sets of both men and women.

Get Laid More Home Study Course is series of CDs where Sinn teams up with some other pick up artists in order to explore how to increase one's number and quality of women one is sleeping with, as well as how to speed up the process to get to where you want sooner.

Sinn's Inner Circle is a monthly subscription whereby a single advanced topic is covered every month.

The Flake Elimination Toolkit is about how to solidify attraction in a woman in order to get her interested in you enough that she will not flake upon you when you set up a date.

Sinn's Complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program deals specifically with the PUA techniques used during the day and how to go about following through one's goals in picking up women during the daytime.

Advanced Strategies for Sexualized Comfort is a product which includes pick up artist techniques on a subset of comfort, namely that of getting a woman sexually comfortable with you.  Also includes material on Sexual Framing and specific routines.

The Truth About Seduction is a free video presentation of Sinn's personal techniques that he claims other experts don't want the customer to know.

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