July 10, 2012


Zan Perrion | The Ars Amorata

Zan Perrion - The Ars Amorata

Zan Perrion is one of the originators of the term "natural game" as well as being one of the earliest pick up artists in the seduction community. Founder of the company The Way of Attraction (as well The Ars Amorata formed later) Zan Perrion touts himself as a "romance artist" versus a "pickup artist."  One of the main foci of his work is on getting over the oftentimes poison misogyny that many men feel in their romantic dealings with women. By focusing on the natural empathy possible in all (or most) humans, Zan Perrion's method claims to allow for more natural and easy relationships with women based upon female psychology. The goal is for the man to learn how to bring out passion and delight from women, which therefore makes the man valuable to her as a potential lover and romantic partner.

Zan Perrion's techniques consistent draw upon concepts of an ancient and deep masculinity found in the imagery of creators, warriors, and lovers.  By appealing to this sort of mysticism and fantastic imagery, he attempts to bring insights of a semi-romantic vein designed more for crafting and enhancing one's inner game and attitudes.


Under his brand The Way of Attraction, Zan Perrion has 4 products based upon his particular conception of the "Natural."

The Way of the Natural is a 4 volume DVD set designed to provide the foundational insights into the techniques of getting a woman to become at ease with you and allow her own psychology to take over its natural desires to be with a confidence and attractive man.  The techniques claim to be about creating a temporary form of fantasy life to draw both of you into a world where you can both explore your passions and potentials.  The DVDs emphasize the cultivation of natural charisma, effective conversation, humor, and what he calls the "Ten Traits of a Natural" that women will always respond to.

Zan Perrion founder of The Ars Amorata

The Monte Carlo Sessions 4 volume DVD set continues where the foundational The Way of the Natural left off, expanding upon those initial concepts. Presentations Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 also expand upon these concepts in the format of a live presentation.

Recently, Zan Perrion founded The Ars Amorata where he provides seminars and online training/guidance based upon his methods.

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