February 12, 2012


Get a Girlfriend - Long Term Relationship (LTR)

LTR is the acronym used for long term relationship. LTRs generally last years, but can mean different lengths of time for different people.

LTRs are the reason most guys get into the pick up community as well as why they get out. There is nothing in the world that feels quite like spending time with someone you feel an amazing connection to. Though when you break up with that person, there is no feeling quite as devastating.

Every relationship is different - as different as the people that get into them. Nobody should judge other peoples' relationships, and we all know friends and family in both awesome and destructive partnerships. One thing is certain though; if you are unhappy with who you are by yourself, you will only make someone else unhappy in a relationship.

The beginning of a new relationship is known as the honeymoon phase. As amazing as this feeling is, it also sets the ground rules for the rest of the relationship. Are you spoiling her daily with flowers and letting her walk on you? Or are you setting yourself as an equal, having adventures together and getting to know each other on a whole other level?

Every relationship has its ups and downs; this is only natural. Some even say arguments keep a couple together. When done respectfully, this is understandable as one fight for the things he or she loves. Meanwhile, an apathetic lover who rolls his or her eyes with disrespect will not do anyone good.

A good relationship will help both people to grow as humans. When both partners push the other to achieve more than was previously possible it will increase confidence in both parties. With the right person on your arm, you will feel invincible. And on those days when you don't feel on the top of your game, or even when you're down in the dumps, she will be there to lift you up. Nothing makes a sick day better than a cup of soup made by the person you care about.

Just as good relationships will cause you to shine, bad ones will knock your feet out from under you. A bad partner might influence you to make decisions you never would have considered before. An overly jealous lover will make you hide your masculinity and smother what made you originally attractive. After a while, the woman who made you smile will cause you to look down at your own feet.

Whether you got into the community to find the one girl for you, or a whole bunch of quality girls, sooner or later you will get into an LTR. Make sure it is advantageous to both you and the lovely lady you are with.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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