February 09, 2012


Inside the Mind - Pickup Artist Brad P.

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Brad P. (the “P” is short for “Pulls”) is a famous pick up artist, often rated among the best in the world. Brad P. is well known in the community for his privacy, his training methods, and his success with women. With his start back in 2005, Brad P. has taught men to be attract women for eight years. He has trained many men from around the world and has worked with Love Systems. Starting on the East Coast, Brad P. has expanded his operation across the country.

Brad P. and the Underground Dating Seminar

From his roots as a social worker and coach, Brad P. created the Underground Dating Seminar, his first major foray into the world of pick up artists. In his underground dating seminars in the United States and Canada, Brad taught many men the secrets he had personally learned. Brad P. made a name for himself by always demonstrating his techniques live for his students in his Underground Dating Seminar.

Brad P.’s 30/30 Club

In recent years, Brad P. has unveiled a new style of pick up artist training, the 30/30 Club. Brad P.’s 30/30 Club is a comprehensive seduction curriculum described as the most advanced ever. It’s a year long program with written materials, CDs, newsletters, and more. Brad P.’s 30/30 Club also has its own forum so students can communicate with Brad P. and his instructors.

Brad P. Products

On his website there is a wide array of Brad P. products ranging from ebooks to audio volumes, DVDs, and more. Students can also sign up for various live training programs with Brad P. and his instructors including workshops, 1 on 1s, and the Pickup Mansion. Brad P.’s instructors are stationed around the world, so he can offer lots of seminars and workshops. His site also features Brad P. testimonials so you can read about his past students.

Brad P. and Love Systems

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As one of the most well-respected guys in our industry, Brad P. joined with Love Systems on a very special Interview Series Volume 15: On Taking Chances. Sitting down with Savoy, Brad P. discussed how to be bold in interactions with women and judging the right time to make your moves. Tips include how to progress in a sexual and exciting direction, specific points when you should take chances, how to manage your ego, what do when things don’t go as planned, and much more. You can check out Savoy and Brad P.’s On Taking Chances interview right now.

Brad P.’s Pickup Mansion

Brad P.’s next venture is the Pickup Mansion, a house in Los Angeles where up and coming pick up artists live with established PUAs and learn from them directly.

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