February 05, 2012


How to Attract Women

At some point you've probably seen average guys walking down the street with hot girls and marveled at the injustice of it. How do they attract high quality girls without looks or wealth? While money and being handsome definitely help, they aren't guaranteed to make a girl attracted to you. No woman wants to be with a millionaire who comes across as needy or a male model who can't hold a conversation.

The good news is that the process of a woman becoming attracted is different than a man's. For us guys, we're generally attracted to a woman by the way she looks. For women it depends on a number of qualities. So while you might not be the best looking guy you can make up for it in other areas.

How do we do that? Well, every woman is looking for different things. However, there are eight universal qualities which represent your best-bet for making a girl attracted to you when you know nothing about her. These are things that will almost always get a woman interested.

Two of these factors are the obvious ones, wealth and appearance/health. As far as your looks go there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of what you were born with. This means being fit and healthy, looking after your teeth, having well styled hair and presenting good body language. You can read more about getting the right body language here. The basics are standing straight with shoulders back but relaxed, keeping good eye contact, no fidgeting and keeping your head straight - not tilted. Speak loudly and clearly. Try to make your voice resonate from your chest to give a deeper, more powerful sound. As far as clothing goes, dress in a way that's fashionable and expresses your identity. Most women see fashion as self-expression. How do you want her to see you? Dress that way. As for wealth, if you don't have it then you should convey that you have ambitions and the potential to become successful in the future. Be passionate about your plans.

The 6 other elements are equally important. These are humor, having good social skills, status and confidence. You should also be a challenge and attractive to other women. Convey these qualities in what you say and a girl will want to know more about you. Once you get to that stage you'll find out what other interests you might have in common. If she loves the outdoors that's the time to talk about your hiking trips. If she likes food tell her about your cooking skills.

To gauge whether she's attracted look out for the following:

  • She looks at your lips
  • Plays with her hair
  • Fusses with her appearance (brushing or readjusting her clothes, etc.)
  • Asks you questions about yourself
  • Smiles, laughs or giggles a lot
  • Tilts her head when speaking
  • If you've just approached her in a bar or club she's still talking to you after 10 minutes

Once you see these reactions you need to move the conversation forward to solidify that attraction. Otherwise it can be lost in an instant. Make her feel that she's worked for you by finding things to compliment her on other than her looks. There's so much more on this 'qualification' stage as well as on generating attraction in our dating bible Magic Bullets.

Finally, to become attractive to women you need to go out and practice as much as possible. Expect to fail... at first. You will get better. With experience you can become that guy walking down the street with the hot girlfriend, and someone else will be wondering how you did it.

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