February 05, 2012


Best Pick Up Lines

The trouble with pick up lines is they don't really exist - there is no sentence that will magically press a woman's buttons and make her swoon into your arms. The first words you say to a woman - your 'opener' - can do one thing and that's start a conversation. It's only the first step to seducing her but it's also the most crucial one.

There are a few different strategies for beginning an interaction with a girl. Which one you choose will often depend on the circumstances as well as your own personal preference. Here are the different types of openers.


We've all probably used this one - you start a conversation specifically related to the circumstances, for example "Do you have the time?" or "Is this the bus for XYZ?" The beauty of this approach is that it's easy and social etiquette makes it hard for anyone to ignore. The tricky part is how you move from there into a normal conversation. Situational openers are usually best used in daytime or anywhere it would seem reasonable to speak to people around you, e.g. a class, business event, or party. Used in a bar or club they may seem lame or boring.


These are great for approaching girls at night time. They work on the premise that you have some kind of question you'd like to get a female opinion on. There are plenty of tried and trusted examples out there which range from "Is it wrong to break up with someone by text?" to "Do I look like a drug dealer?" You can find hundreds more examples in our Routines Manual or you can improvise your own. Opinion openers work best when it appears you have a spontaneous reason for asking; that's why using them in the daytime can be difficult. Chasing a woman down the street to ask her "Who lies more, men or women?" would be weird.


These are often considered your best bet for approaching girls in the daytime but can also be used in a wide range of circumstances. With direct openers you are immediately letting the woman know you're interested by saying something like "I love your style. I just had to come and speak to you." The advantage of going direct is that you know where you stand almost straight away - if the girl is still speaking to you after a few minutes then you know you're in business. The downside is you may very well lose a girl you could have otherwise made attracted to you.


These are openers that use humor or a shock element to open the conversation. They can range from short questions like "Did you just grab my ass? Someone around here did." to the more elaborate Secretary Opener. Girls will often be taken aback by this sort of opener and give a confused response - the trick is to ignore it, stay relaxed, and keep talking.

Whichever one of these approaches you choose, getting the right tone and body language are crucial. The best opening line in the world will get a bad response if your subcommunications say "I am a loser."

Finally, it's completely normal to feel apprehensive about going up to girls you don't know and trying to start a conversation with them. Approach anxiety may get the better of you at times but after a while you will learn to beat it. Remember, you fail 100% of the time with the women you don't approach... if all else fails, just say "Hello!"

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