January 05, 2012


The Best Places To Meet Women

Most “great places to meet women” articles are garbage. Most of them are written by women, and reflect places that women picture themselves wanting to meet men, as opposed to being written by a man who is actually out in the field taking his own advice. Every thing in this article is something I’ve done. You won’t find any art galleries or cooking classes in this article (even though they’re on seemingly every “places to meet women” list), because those places are simply not good for meeting large numbers of single, attractive women. Have you ever heard of an attractive and single woman spending the day at the art gallery because she hopes that guys will approach her? Instead, the places I’m going to suggest are full of attractive women. Most guys don’t know about them, so you should have the playing field all to yourself. Even better, all of these things will help your overall Love Systems skills with women. Even if you don’t happen to meet anyone with potential at one of these outings (which would be unusual) your game will still benefit and you’ll be in better position to attract other women in the future. You can’t lose!

It’s not just about bars and nightclubs


Dance classes are going to have way more women than men. They will usually be active, athletic, in good shape, and have their lives together. And they give you an excuse (actually, more of an obligation) to be touchy and start the physical conversation with women. Love Systems tests have proven that women are more likely to be attracted and to give their phone number or go on dates with men who touch her (appropriately) during conversation than with men who are “talking heads.”

Learning to dance well is a great skill. It’s extremely attractive to women (even women you’ll meet outside of dance class). And if you get the opportunity to actually teach a woman a few dance moves – while guiding her with your hands of course – you’ve an extremely powerful tool at your disposal.


These have a lot of similar benefits to dance classes. The male/female ratio isn’t as skewed, but lots of young, attractive women want to be actresses. And improv classes in particular can help build great skills if you’re naturally shy or find yourself “running out of things to say” when meeting women.

(Though you really should never run out of things to say. If that happens to you, pick up a copy of the Routines Manual now.)


Many places have intramural or amateur adult sports leagues. No one would confuse these with the Olympics — the focus is less on the sport and more on having a drink, running around, and having fun. And, of course, socializing. Everyone will usually go for a drink after the game; if not, suggest it.

Pick a sport where no one will be too hardcore and where there are lots of opportunities to get to know your teammates. Dodgeball, softball, and kickball are usually good options.
Women who play in these leagues tend to be fit, outgoing, and not too crazy. They’ll also be there to have fun and meet people, and many of them will be single.
As a side benefit, you’ll get some exercise, meet some new friends, and be able to drop phrases like "I have a game on Saturday night" – at least until you have to admit that it’s kickball… (but it’s still funny and will add to you being a well-rounded person).


Leave home every day looking and feelings your best. Being “lucky” with women is simply when preparation meets opportunity.

Leave a bit early every time you go somewhere. This gives you time (and no excuses) to meet women on the way. Smile and say hi to everyone; this will put you in a social mood.

You can meet women any time of day. I used to go to a coffee shop on my way to work and talk to women in line at 8am every day. Because it’s Day Game, you can keep it simple. Often all that it takes is a “Hi” and a few minutes of conversation before: “I’d love to continue this conversation, but I really need to go. Would you like to meet up for a drink later?”


If Social Circle Mastery is your thing, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by developing a social circle that naturally produces beautiful women.

Imagine never having to do a “cold approach” again.

Like Braddock talks about in the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, this requires a different mindset. At a club, it’s hit or miss. You get the girl or you don’t. Social Circle Mastery is a long game. It’s more like planting a garden and waiting for a massive harvest in a few months instead of hunting every day.

Quickstart: Broaden your social circle today. Reconnect with old friends or acquaintances who are socially connected. Take that hot girl who said “let’s just be friends” and be friends with her; attractive women tend to have other attractive women as friends.

As Braddock says on the course, people will often see you as the product of the five people you spend most of your time with. Do you need to add a “social connector” to that mix?

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Nick Savoy


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Love Systems
Love Systems

January 26, 2016

Hey Dan,
Thanks for reading. These blog posts should help you out:

Also, Interview Series Vol. 47: Overcoming Physical Obstacles has over an hour of information from Keychain and Mr. M: http://www.lovesystems.com/products/interview-series-vol-47-overcoming-physical-obstacles


January 24, 2016

Interesting. But what if you’re 45, short, and uncoordinated? Serious question.

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