January 25, 2012


Pick Up Lines - Get the Girl

Everyone knows and has heard about pick up lines. Some are pretty cringe-worthy. But what's the alternative? Your mother or your female friends might tell you to just introduce yourself to a woman and to "be yourself" but that doesn't work either.

The cold hard truth is that if you want to meet an attractive woman whom you don't know and don't have any reason to know, your best bet is to use an opening line. An opening line is not necessarily a cheesy pick up line like "Excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs? ...enough to break the ice." In fact, at Love Systems we'd recommend that you stay away from cheesy pick up lines altogether. Instead, let's do a VERY brief intro to the idea of "routines" and "openers" that have helped so many men learn to attract beautiful women through Love Systems.

Direct Openers: Walk up to her boldly and directly state your intent. A good example of this is: "Excuse me, I just saw you from across the room and thought you were absolutely stunning, I had to introduce myself. I am..." The blow out rate of this is higher then going indirect, but if this hooks, you are much further ahead. You'll get points in her book for having balls and being bold without being sleazy, cheesy, or weird.

Indirect Openers: Stay under the radar until she starts getting interested in or curious about you. For example, "do you think my friend here should grow a mustache?" or "Hey, I need a quick female opinion; do drunk "I Love Yous" count?” (You should have a quick story to tell that explains why you were asking, like telling her about your friend who got a little too drunk over the weekend and called this girl and... or, better still, you should use opinion openers for social and relationship issues that come up in your own life or in your friends' lives. They shouldn't be serious or involve anything too personal to you.) Many people find that it's easier to start with indirect openers than direct ones.

Situational Openers: These are good for very casual environments where people are expected to meet each other, like a house party or a networking event. Comment on the music, the lights, the drinks, or anything that is part of the situation. Change the topic as soon as you can, because she'll know this is just an excuse to meet her. Don't use situational openers at a nightclub because you'll get all the downsides of indirect openers (you're not being bold) and all of the downsides of direct openers (you're telegraphing your interest in her) with none of the upsides of either. Don't try to think of something clever on the spot; have a couple of go-to openers in your head before you go out, and use them.

There are great openers in the Routines Manual. But remember, no single pick up line or opening line or routine is a silver bullet. Even if the woman loves the way you approached her, all that does is start the conversation. You still have to create attraction after that.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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