January 02, 2012


Seven Proven Ways to Get the Girl in 2012

Happy New Year!

Let's get straight to the point. You want more success with women in 2012. I'm going to tell you how, in 7 easy steps.

These come from 10 years experience helping men reach their goals with women. Whether you want a long term relationship, more and better options in your dating life, or to become a pickup artist yourself, I've trained the best. I know what works and what doesn't. Let's get started:

New Year's Resolutions to Get the Girl

1. Meeting women isn't just for Saturday nights

This has two meanings:

  • Don't try to be one person when you meet women and another person in the rest of your life. It doesn't work. If you need to be more social, be more social every day. If you need to be a better storyteller, be a better storyteller every day. And so on.
  • Bars and clubs are only a small part of the world. Branch out. Do some Day Game. Develop a social circle that generates attractive women for you to meet naturally (Social Circle Mastery). Build a lifestyle that puts beautiful women in your path.

Do that and your life (as well as your Saturday nights) will be 10x better. I promise.

2. Set your goals. Write them down. Hold yourself accountable.

If you don't know exactly where you're trying to go...or how to get there...or even what it will look like if you DO get there...then your odds of success will be very small. (paraphrased from Stephen Covey)

Let's fix that. Right now. Click this link:


(If you don't have an account on The Attraction Forums, it will tell you that you have to register. It takes 30 seconds and it's free. Just do it.)

Write down your goals and how you plan to get there. Studies show that people who write down and commit to their goals are over 600% more effective.

(Then for the rest of the year, you have your own thread to post updates, review your progress, and ask questions. I'll even try to drop in and see how you're doing and offer advice from time to time. Love Systems helps those who help themselves.)

3. Learn how to flirt over text/sms

If you date women who are under 40, you need to learn to text/sms. It was The Don who a few years ago remarked, "I don't even know how people hooked up before text messaging." That's even more true now.

Texting should build attraction, increase sexual tension, qualify her, and let her get to know you better. In other words, everything we used to have to do in person.

Sure, you still have to meet her and attract her at first, but with what Braddock and Samurai have done with text game, getting a "soft" phone number is much more valuable than it was years ago - if you know how to use text conversations to get her dying to see you again.

There are a lot of great resources for how to flirt and build attraction and comfort through text. I recommend Samurai and Braddock's Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game.

4. Schedule your priorities. Prioritize your schedule.

Don't leave what is important to you for if you have any time left at the end of the day/week/month/year/etc. That's a recipe for stagnation. Put what is important to you on your schedule and stick to it. That means some things will have to fall off. That's healthy. It's much better to choose what you don't have time for than to let what is urgent keep you away from what is important.

In other words, manage your life. Don't let it manage you.

5. Get Good Wingmen

Good wingmen force each other to go out, make each other do their approaches, and encourage and help each other when they see something wrong.

Good wingmen also let you have a lot more success. While you can definitely attract women when you go out alone (and I made a 1hr audio guide on exactly how to do it), it's a lot better if you have a wingman to help you out. Plus, it's a lot more fun.

If you've taken a Love Systems bootcamp, you're probably already winging with guys you met on your program or on The Lounge. If you haven't, either wing with your friends or use the free wingman service.

6. Upgrade your fashion and hairstyle

Clothes and hairstyle say so much about you. To a woman, your clothes and hairstyle are a choice - and she wants to know what they say about you.

Are you fashionable and cool? Or out of touch and lame? Are you fun and fresh and exciting? Or boring and afraid to be yourself? Do you respect yourself and have attention to detail? Or do just wear whatever? And so on...

Make 2012 the year you get your "look" and your "identity" SOLVED if they're not already.

7. Be man enough to get help

Most men aren't good at this. I'm not either. I wasted a few years being stubborn or lazy before I decided to get my dating life handled.

Women don't have this problem. They ask for and share advice all the time - and get much more personal than most men. This gives women a social advantage. Redress the balance in your own life. One of the largest websites for men's fitness, body building, and self-improvement was looking at exactly this issue a little while ago and used Love Systems as an example:

The Science of Attraction

They have stupid pseudonyms like Cajun, Sheriff, Samurai, and The Don, but it's better than what they used to be called: geek, nerd, jackass, and douche bag.

They dress well but aren't necessarily good looking. Some are skinny with patchy facial hair. Others are slightly overweight. A few are just plain fucking ugly. But they're nothing out of the ordinary. They look like... guys. If you were at a bar hanging out and they walked in you probably wouldn't even notice them.

That's okay with them. You're not their type.

You'd probably laugh with your friends as you watch one of them approach a group of gorgeous girls. But your laughter may turn to disbelief when you see the girls offer phone numbers. Disbelief might turn to shock as you watch a master walk out with the hottest one on his arm. And shock may turn to awe when you see him do it over and over again with different groups of sexy women.

They leave with Playboy centerfolds, porn actresses, models, and perfect 10s. You leave with your best friend Steve.

But don't worry; they used to be just like you. Probably worse. And you can learn how to pick up chicks, too. That is, if you're man enough to ask for help.

Well, what kind of help? That depends on you and your goals. I'd invite you to look at all the resources on the Love Systems website and The Attraction Forums. There are a ton of great articles, podcasts, videos, etc. to help meet your goals. Don't forget, the holidays aren't over yet... Read Savoy's three secrets to attracting women at holiday parties.

Or just shoot us an email - let us know what your goals are and what your life is like now. We'll see what we can do or if we can help you get what you need.

Or if you want to get your skills with women handled live, visit the Bootcamp schedule.

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