December 12, 2011


How to Get a Girl to Like You

Let me guess, you are here because one of two reasons.

  1. You found a special girl you like and now you want her to like you back
  2. Your around attractive girls all the time, or want to be, but don't know what to do or say

Just Be Yourself... Seriously?

How often do you hear, "just be yourself". These are probably the 3 most dreaded words when it comes to dating advice. If that worked, you would have any girl you wanted... right? Somewhere in life, someone forgot to show you what it takes to get a girl to like you. Don't blame your parents, your brothers, society or even women. We simply live in a world that believes in fate, destiny or that getting women comes natural to everyone.

If you are new to dating and meeting women (maybe you're young) or you recently got out of a long term relationship and are now back on the market, you are probably looking for a quick fix. You already know the answers. Be confident, charming, funny and social. In reality, what does all this mean!?


The #1 question when it comes to meeting and talking to women is... "What Do I Say?” Doesn't matter if it’s a random girl across the room that you have never spoken a word too in your life, or if it’s that special girl you have been crushing on for the past week, months or maybe even years! The quick fix is what we call "routines". Simply put, they are interesting subjects and stories to talk about that make you feel confident, charming, funny and social. Essentially, they are training wheels to help you past the mental block of what to say right now! We are impatient creatures and we want results now!

Eventually you want to develop your own routines that fit your personality and lifestyle; however these are a good start to learn what works. You may be amazed with the reactions girls will have with these routines alone, and you will learn how powerful this stuff really is when you try it out!

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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