December 06, 2011


How To Attract Women During The Holidays

The holiday season is coming! It’s not about stress and travel – it’s also a GREAT opportunity to attract women.

1. Holiday shopping is a GREAT way to meet women

The usual Day Game system that most men use will also work just fine at the mall during the holidays. But if you’re shyer, there’s another way. Approach a woman you’re attracted to with something like: "My sister says she needs a new purse for Christmas. What’s in style these days?"

The transition from this is easy; ask her to help you pick one out. Be near a purse store when you start the conversation and save your receipt. Or ask her what she’s doing and then “realize” you’re both doing your holiday shopping at a lot of the same stores, so why not do it together?

2. It also makes a great low-commitment date – especially within your social circle

Ask a female friend to try that new sushi restaurant with you, and she might think it’s a date and be on the defensive right away. Doing holiday shopping together won’t come across the same way. There is always fun, silly stuff you can do together at the mall – build a bear, get silly photographs taken together, try on ridiculous outfits together, and so on.

It’s a great chance for her to get to know you and realize just how attracted to you she really is.

3. A party is not a nightclub

Most of the time at a holiday party, you won’t want to go "direct" or "indirect". People at parties are supposed to meet each other and usually have at least one thing in common (whatever it is that brought you to the same party). So a smile and a “Hi, I’m Joe” works just fine.

Don’t only be talking to attractive women at a party. That turns you from "social" to "sleazy or desperate." And this fits into my next point... 

4. Be a social connector.


You know that social status is very important to women. It’s easier for Seth Rogan to attract women than it is for Seth the Next Door Neighbor. And it’s not because of his looks.

You’re probably not going to become a celebrity overnight, but you can have exactly the same attraction from women at any party you go to, just by being the guy who knows everyone. Introduce people to each other, even if you just met them five minutes ago. Women will notice that you’re the center of attention and be intrigued.

(If you’ve got the 11 Essentials Home Study Course, the DVD and lesson you want to use for this is #4: Social Proof. That’s what makes you a rockstar any place you go, even if you don’t know anyone.)

5. Take Action

All the best knowledge in the world won’t do anything if you don’t use it. There’s a reason why some guys who joined the Love Systems community are living the life they always dreamed of, while others haven’t made as much progress.

Get out there. Meet women. Fix your sticking points.

One thing that’s helped a lot of guys is ongoing mentoring (by phone, email, or in person) with an experienced and expert Love Systems instructor. It holds you accountable, keeps everything personalized, and gives you a road map to success.

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