July 11, 2012


PUA Training | PUA Bootcamp | Learn How to Pick Up Women

In 2006, Gamler (Richard La Ruina) founded the second pick up training company in the U.K. Since 2006, PUA Training has become the largest to offer to teach students the art of pick up. PUA training has been a training ground for students who went on to become coaches themselves, coaches including Kezia Noble, Adam Lyons (AFC Adam), and Beckster. PUA Training offers a variety of training programs and educationalproducts.

Stealth Attraction

Stealth Attraction is a PUA Training's "flagship" DVD product, asserting it as "low on intellectual theory and high on 'here's how you do it' actionable techniques." These techniques include how to generate and build attraction, using "magic words" as a way to arouse a woman's trust, disarming her natural defensive reactions and reject, and more.

Love Systems does not offer any products without going into detail about the principles of how and why they work. Knowing the cause that gets the desired effect, solidifies learning in students and can enable students to translate the lessons from pickup and put them into practice in other areas of their lives.

The Inner Game Installed

This DVD set is specifically designed to deal with Inner Game issues. Consisting of 7 CD's and 8 DVD's, making up 7 modules (each with an audio and video component). Students watch the DVD first, which prepares them for the audio portion. The listening component "installs" the information by having students listen while laying down with their eyes closed. The end result of this program is a lack of anxiety about approaching and engaging women.

The Interview Series Volume 65 - Introduction to inner Game, outlines everything an aspiring PUA needs to know about how to get their inner game on the right track. This IVS covers everything from "What is Inner Game?" to "How can I get good Inner Game quickly" to "Going Supernova."

The Master Pickup Artist University

A monthly program that offers "complete and total MASTERY." Every month students receive 4 hour video instruction, workbooks, and exercises. Starting with approaching: body language, attraction theory, and openers. The program also gives you access to an online forum where students can ask questions of the instructors for clarification.

This is what we call our Mastermind Program, this personalized program offers the aforementioned IVS on the latest dating topics, twice monthly phone consults, personal coaching from a Love Systems coach, 24/7 contact with coaches, and one or two nights a month out with a Love Systems instructor to turn theory into real life experience.

Lifestyle Seduction

This DVD set is predicated on how to design and build a lifestyle that is attractive to women. Lines, routines, and being "gamey" is not a part of this seminar. It's about building and maintaining a social life and identity that is both attractive and natural.

Ultimate Natural Game

With Ultimate Natural Game, students incorporate the techniques outlined in previous products and put them all together, building a complete identity and skill set to give their game a natural shine. PUA Training's master instructors offer their knowledge to their most advanced students.

Every summer, as part of Project Rockstar, Love Systems coaches and a handful of students travel the world to completely overhaul their lifestyle. At the end of Project Rockstar, change is inevitable, students come out the other side closer to their best selves than ever.

The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

Gamber's answer to Mystery and Neil Strauss. This book outlines every element of a success pick up, from finding confidence and exuding charm, learning routines for starting conversations, mastering body language, and more. Lest we forget about Savoy's own Magic Bullets. Magic Bullets has been held as the gold standard for many years. Covering topics from the approach, to getting her into your bed, to making her your girlfriend, and everything in between. Magic Bullets is perfect for new-comers and seasoned veterans alike.

Live Training

PUA Training also provides bootcamps in the UK, both for the basics and for a longer "residential" program.  For 2 days, they break down the essentials and take you out in-field to practice them. Live training at Love Systems offer both, a lecture component and an infield portion where students can put their new found

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