August 18, 2011


Playboy Playmate Field Report

I’ve got a special treat for you today: a step-by-step Field Report of how a guy in his 50s picked up a Playboy Playmate last weekend using Love Systems. And I pop in every few paragraphs for specific lessons we can learn from each step.

And... there are pictures. You’re going to want to print this one out and take notes.

Bullet with Playboy Mansion Playmate

By Jeff Bullet, Love Systems Instructor

The euphoria started when I received the email from Savoy that I had been chosen to be one of a few instructors to teach at the Love Systems Playboy Mansion bootcamp. Even though I’m in my 50s, I remember watching TV programs 25 years ago about Hef’s Playboy Mansion and was envious at what a perfect lifestyle that seemed to be. I would have given my left nut back then to be a part of that lifestyle.

[We’re skipping the next few paragraphs to get to the action at the Playboy Mansion. To read the full version, click here. -NS]

I spotted a hot blonde girl at the bar (one of many) and went over and opened and started gaming. To protect her identity let’s call her Barbie (the photos of her on my blog are real).

Barbie is in her 20‘s – a Playboy model that now had a “real” job. She was there with her friend and former manager (we’ll call her Priscilla) who was getting drunk off her ass on champagne. After Approaching and Transitioning, it’s time for Attraction.

To get her interest in a high-energy environment, I picked an attraction technique that is also fun and high-energy: Role-plays. I told Barbie we’re getting engaged, then we’re getting married, then we’re getting divorced, and so on.

[I like marriage-divorce roleplays because there’s a bit of a push-pull dynamic and also future projections. Even though you both know it’s not serious, her mind is still picturing herself with you and imagining it. –NS]

Barbie was fun with an outgoing personality so I got attraction from her really quickly. I ran a few stories about myself (storytelling is a crucial skill) that were humorous and spiked my value, but are under the bragging radar. You have to do that when attracting a woman half your age.

Barbie was really getting into it and we started making out at the bar while her friend was distracted. I then tried to move Barbie to get her to show me the Mansion mini-zoo, which is hidden amongst trees, to try and get her alone in the gardens to have sex but she was too concerned about leaving her drunk friend. She ended up having to take Pricilla to the bathroom.

[Notice how Jeff Bullet is always moving forward along the Love Systems Triad. A lot of guys would be happy just flirting and kissing a Playboy Playmate. Jeff has already thought ahead to the phone number and is now making logistical moves like getting her away from the crowd where they can have privacy. –NS]

They both left for the bathroom with Barbie saying “See you soon honey,” I kept an eye out as I waited around the bar for Barbie’s return but after fifteen minutes it was obvious she was never coming back.

[We’ll skip a few paragraphs about adventures with other women at the Playboy Mansion to keep focused on Barbie. –NS]

I woke early Sunday at 7:30am in my hotel. I checked my phone for any messages from Barbie, but nothing. I texted her again, mindful that I was flying back to New York that afternoon so I really had to push my game. A bit later, I receive a text from Barbie saying that she had to leave early because Pricilla’s boyfriend was at the party and got pissed at Priscilla and Barbie for having a party-make-out, so they had a fight. (The Love Systems Advanced Bootcamp at the Playboy Mansion party is always a highly sexually charged environment.)

Barbie also mentioned she was staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel so I tried to accelerate a meet-up due to the small window of time I was working with and suggested that I come to her hotel and we have breakfast together there. Her text response was that she was in the hotel lobby checking out already. Damn, I thought.

Barbie lived at Laguna so I knew she would drive by my hotel. I texted her again that we should have breakfast at my hotel - this was always going to be a long shot asking a girl to come to your hotel.

Then no response from her, I let 15 minutes go by and this was my last chance, so I called her. I already knew my call would go to her voice mailbox as hot girls tend to frequently do that, so I said; “Hi Barbie, you probably don’t remember us in Vegas last night, just want to know if you’re having breakfast with your new husband,” text me or call me back, bye.” Using my rich voice with appropriate pauses for maximum pure testosterone effect.

[OK, I have to interrupt again. THIS is where the game was won. Notice three things:]

  1. Jeff Bullet knows and uses the Triad model. He knows that none of the work he’s put in with Barbie is worth a darn thing if he doesn’t get the logistics working. He doesn’t have much time, so he takes the phone call shot. Normally, you’d never do that in this situation – see the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game book for why. But without better logistics, he has a 0% chance with Barbie, so even a risky play like this is good.
  2. Bullet is using callback humor (the marriage role-play. Role-plays and callback humor are a great one-two combination if you ever want to meet a woman, get her phone number, and go on a date. Role-plays are always great, but if you’re strictly a same-night-lay guy, you don’t really need Callback Humor.)
  3. Jeff Bullet knows (as you’d expect him to, he’s a professional Love Systems instructor) the value of great vocal tonality. This isn’t something most men are born with – you need to work on this.]

The result was immediate, she called within 5 minutes of my voice message and our breakfast meet was agreed to be at my hotel 15 minutes later, I get a text from her soon saying she was in my hotel car park. I go downstairs to meet her, suppressing my excitement I hugged her briefly then said I had forgotten my wallet so she walked with me to my hotel room. Once inside my hotel room, I looked at her and said, “We haven’t said hello properly have we.” We made out passionately and I soon put my hand up her short dress and found she had no underwear. She arched her body into me as I touched her pussy. I knew for sure this was on now, we had sex with her making a lot of loud ohh’s and ahh’s as these hot LA women tend to do.

This account of events is more than a sex story. As you become more skilled in Love Systems you begin to see directions to take given limited opportunities and time. Some work out and some don’t; try not to let your emotions creep in. In this case there was a series of setbacks; however, staying the path proved victorious in the long run by taking it one step at a time. I rarely go wrong getting the woman I’m interested alone with me as soon as possible without appearing needy or making her feel awkward.

-Jeff Bullet, Love Systems Instructor

Read the full post, with pictures and descriptions of explosive hangovers, on Bullet’s blog here:

Who Is Jeff Bullet?

Jeff (Bullet) is the oldest Love Systems instructor, having recently turned 50. He specializes in working with men over 35 and is living proof that Love Systems can change your life regardless of your age.

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