July 11, 2012


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The ABC's of Attraction is a PUA company founded by Jerry Tran (The Asian Playboy) in 2007.  Founded to explicitly deal with the issues encountered by Asian men in their pick up artist aspirations, the ABC's of Attraction provides both products and live training for customers.  While they don't teach only Asian men and other races and ethnicities are welcome, there are special issues address for those with Asian backgrounds.

The ABC's of Attraction claims that there are three main strategies or skills that need to be developed by a pick up artist in order to attract the women you desire into your life.  The first one is inner strength, by which they mean that you must address your inner limiting beliefs and then destroy them by ejecting your mistaken preconceptions.  The second one is outer confidence, by which the PUA must learn to project and embody confidence externally, besides having the confidence internally.  This confidence then manifests itself in a sense of masculinity and healthy dominance characteristics.  Lastly, the skill of verbal attraction must be developed, by which you are able to approach and converse with beautiful women easily and without tension, displaying your own version of charismatic power.

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The ABC's of Attractions specializes in bootcamps and live training, not offering any other products.  Their website does include blogs and a forum dealing with various issues, but bootcamps form the core of their business.  They offer bootcamps in many major cities on a regular basis where they take clients out for 3 days and 2 nights of instruction and in-field consulting in order to enacts the skills you are learning. Jerry Tran of  ABC's of Attraction also has long-term training programs as well as options for one-on-one work for those who wish to work on a different time schedule than the traditional bootcamp. Lastly, the company also has 2-day Day Game Workshops in order to address those skills needed specifically for a pick up artist in his daytime PUA approaches.

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