March 24, 2011


The Truth About Bootcamps

I was doing a live chat on Facebook earlier today, and there were a LOT of questions about Love Systems' bootcamps and how to improve your skills with women. There is also a lot of misinformation, so I hope answering these questions for everyone will help. Plus there’s a special offer at the end to celebrate.

Q: Do I need to take a bootcamp to get better with women?

A: Of course not. It’s probably the easiest, most efficient, and most effective way to learn game, but it’s not the only way. Some people learn better from books, some people learn better from videos, and some people learn best from trial-and-error. It’s about how you learn best and how quickly you want to make changes.

Q: What exactly happens on a bootcamp?

A: There’s been a lot written about bootcamps, both by previous students and by media observers. (Click either of those links to read or watch). So I won’t try to duplicate what others have said; I’ll just stick to the bare bones. A bootcamp is:

  • All weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday night with some of the top dating coaches and pick up artists (PUAs) in the world. They work with you to reach your goals, whether it’s finding “the one” or having one-night stands, or anything in between.
  • Friday-Saturday-Sunday during the daytime in a seminar room. Learn all the techniques you need to pick up beautiful women and practice them live.
  • Friday-Saturday night you go to bars and clubs. The instructors from earlier will pick up beautiful women right in front of you using the exact same techniques you learned in the seminar room. And then they will watch and “wing” for you while you pick up women. They’ll give you feedback and corrections and do it over and over until you get it right.

Click one of the videos below for live footage from Love Systems training: 


Q: So at a bootcamp we can watch and listen to experts picking up beautiful women using Love Systems? How can you be sure it will work every time? Do you use models?

A: It doesn’t work every time. Not every woman can be picked up in any situation. As powerful as Love Systems is, it’s not magic; we’re still dealing with individual people here. Some women will be married and happy. Some women will be lesbians. Some will just not be in the mood to meet a new man. It happens.

So just like reality, you won’t see instructors on bootcamps picking up EVERY woman they approach. But they’ll be successful more often than not – you will see jaw-dropping “how the hell did he do that?” pickups. And yes, you can watch and listen to it all and ask questions after.

Hiring models would never work. We do a LOT of approaches, we switch venues a lot, and half the time, instructors are approaching women who students have pointed out.

Q. What if I am most interested in Day Game (meeting women in parks, coffee shops, etc.) – I don’t like bars and clubs?

A: Then you’re looking for a Day Game Workshop. It works the exact same way as a bootcamp, except that the seminar and exercises are all specifically focused on day game and when you go to do the “infield” stuff you go to malls and shops to pick up women instead of bars and clubs.

Q: How many students and how many instructors are there on a bootcamp?

A: There is at least one registered, on-the-website, trained professional instructor for every three students, usually more. So if there are 5 guys, there will be at least two instructors. The maximum bootcamp size is 12 students, but most are capped at around 6-8.

There are usually instructors-in-training at every bootcamp (often called “Workshop Assistants” or “ACs” for “Approach Coaches”). They never count to the ratio, and so are just a bonus for you. Many of them are on the verge of becoming an instructor.

Q: Do you offer any post-bootcamp support? How much does it cost? What if I have questions 6 months later?

A: Successful bootcamp graduates get admitted into the Love Systems Lounge. This used to be called “Mystery’s Lounge” and includes all of today’s top pick up artists and dating coaches. It also has the Love Systems Lounge and Mystery’s Lounge archives stretching back about 10 years, so whatever your question, it’s answered there.

I and other top dating instructors answer questions and post new stuff on the Lounge all the time. You get lifetime membership and there is no charge.

Q: What kinds of people come to bootcamps?

A: There are three groups of guys. There are guys who are already pretty good, and want to access the professional PUA techniques so they can always be at the top of their game. There are guys who are virgins or who haven’t had much success with women. And there are guys who want MORE options and BETTER options for their dating life; they don’t want to settle. This is usually the biggest group.

Q: Every time I want to sign up for a bootcamp it’s sold out on your schedule. A couple times I checked back later to see if a spot opened out and the whole program was gone! What gives?

A: We try to take programs off the schedule when they are full so that they don’t confuse people. At any given time, around half of the Love Systems bootcamps are “private” which means off the schedule and usually full. If a program is sitting on the schedule with a sold out sign, it means that we haven’t gotten around to taking it off the schedule yet (or we might be looking to increase capacity).

Q: $2,997 is a lot of money to learn how to pick up women. How can I be sure it’s worth it? 

A: Great question, and one that I asked before taking my first program as well. First off, there is a full refund guarantee on everything Love Systems does, including bootcamps. So if you’re at the bootcamp and you don’t think it’s worth every penny, just let the instructor know and you get everything back. This only happens a couple of times per year (out of a few thousand clients) but it does happen.

As for whether it’s worth it, that’s something only you can answer for yourself. For me, I thought about how much money I was spending on dates, clothes, haircuts, personal trainers, drinks on wasted nights outs, etc. – not to mention my car and condo. Most of which had at least a partial purpose of making me more attractive to women, and none of it solved the problem. So that decision was pretty easy for me, before I even started to think of how much better the rest of my life would be when I got women and dating SOLVED. But everyone’s situation is different.

Q: You don’t have any bootcamps planned where I live. What can I do?

A: Email us. You never know when an instructor will be coming to your city.

Q: Hi Savoy, I signed up for the bootcamp in Seattle with Fader and I’m really looking forward to it. What can I do to prepare myself?

A: There’s nothing you HAVE to do. For guys who are coming in completely new, we have a way of getting you up to speed very quickly before you get into the advanced stuff. Some people have suggested reading my book, the Magic Bullets Handbook, first, while others say it’s better to read it after the bootcamp, so it’s up to you.

A lot of people have said that the audio series is really useful as preparation for a bootcamp. Because it’s audio, you can listen to it over and over again in the car, at the gym, etc., and it’s much more conversational than a how-to book; it’s like listening to two experts on a subject where they really know their stuff.

Q: I really need a bootcamp but [excuse]. Are they are discounts available?

A: Not really. The problem is that most of our programs fill up to capacity, so a discounted slot just takes the place of a regular slot. (And that hits instructors, who have to cover their costs out of a % of the bootcamp sales.) We can’t just add slots because I insist that we keep student:instructor ratio low. That’s one of the secrets to our success – all that personal attention.

And we can’t just add more instructors to create more slots because it takes time to create an instructor. A lot of time. About 2 years from start to finish, on average, and even then we turn away over 90% of guys who go for it.

So, yeah, we’re expanding now but it’s going to be without compromising on quality. In a couple of years, there will be more programs, but I don’t see it happening until then.

Any questions I missed? Email me.

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