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How to Get Women - Twenty Five Tips

Picking up Women – Game FAQ's

One of the newest and most popular sections of The Attraction Forums is called “Game FAQs.” It has a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions, with answers being restricted to two lines, maximum (usually including a hyperlink to a longer article).

Here’s a selection of articles and links you find helpful. To see the full Game FAQ, click here.

That page is always under being updated, so if you have suggestions for more short FAQs (questions AND answers) send them to me.


Q. How do I generate attraction with a girl I like?
A. There are 8 main 'attraction switches' for building attraction with a girl, the switches and details on them can be found in Savoy's Magic bullets

Q. How and when do I do 'cold reads'?
A. Read Savoy's classic article Cold reads

Q. I keep getting flakes after I get a girls number what am I doing wrong?
A. Check out the interview series Vol. 43 - Preventing Flaking with tenmagnet cajun. Read Silverghost's article Flakes flakes flakes . Read Soul's article Why Women Flake on You . And also Savoy's classic writing article, Complete guide to flakes, how to prevent them. Watch this video from Savoy on the subject Stop her from flaking.

Q. How do I get out of the 'lets just be friends' zone?
A. Read Braddock's classic article Braddock's prescription to move out of the LJBF Zone. Also read _Cane_s artice LJBF get out of the zone 101 .

Q. How do I game girls at work, collage and within my social Circle?
A. Read Savoy's classic article Dating at Work, School, and Within Your Social Circle. See Braddock's videos on the topic of Gaming girls at collage. Also read Dubbsy's thread College Game Q & A.

Q. I don't like going to loud bars and night clubs, where else can I go to learn to talk to girls?
A. Read Stallion's article, 'Where to sarge if you don't like clubs and bars.'

Q. I know body Language is so important but any tips on how do I improve on this?
A. Read Cajun's 3 classic articles: Advanced Body Language, Advanced Body Language Part 2, and Advanced Body Language PART 3.

Read Vercetti's article, 'Body language tatics.' Also check out Beyond Words: The Art Of Body Language And Physical Escalation (DVD Home Study Course)

Q. I am [short, overweight, balding, some other physical characteristic] and that is why I cannot attract women. What should I do?
A. Looks are definitely not as important as you or society may have you believe. Read Keychain's classic article, The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter. Also read Savoy's classic writing article You worried about your looks no woman out your league. Also read Nick Hoss's post within this thread Looks don't matter. Also read Fader's classic article Last comment about looks. See this video from Savoy Do looks matter?


  • Q. How do I make a good online dating profile?
  • Q. How do I deal with ? ( of the group)
  • Q. How can I get good at phone and text game?
  • Q. Confidence is important but what can I do to work on this?
  • and more


Q. Should I "peacock" and dress kind of crazy?
A. No. Read this.

Q. How can my wingman and I work together to get the women we want?
A. See this video by Savoy How to pick up with your wingman (VIDEO). Also read Savoy's classic writing article Whats best way to use wingmen to get girls
And also read Malibu's best of article Wings of Glory - The Ultimate Guide to being a great Wingman

Q. How can I get good at Day Game?
A. Read the classic writing articles from Jeremy Soul and also see his Daytime dating book.
Also read Nick HossHoss' classic writing article common day game mistakes
Also check out his live, in-field, day game workshops.


  • Q. Should I use 'direct' or 'indirect' openers?
  • Q. I wish to get better at opening mixed sets (guys with girls) how do I do this?


Q. I want to have friends with benefits, how do I do this?
A. Read Braddock's classic article Creating Friends With Benefits. There's also the great Friends with Benefits interview with Braddock and Savoy.

Q. How do I get same night lays?
A. Read Venture's article Q&A Session with Venture: Same Night Lays.


  • Q. How do I get a threesome?
  • Q. How do I become really good in bed? (oral, sex, lasting longer, giving orgasms)
  • Q. How can I get good with gaming strippers and other hired guns?

Read the answers to these questions and more in the Game FAQs page:

That page is always under being updated, so if you suggestions for more short FAQs (questions AND answers) send them to me

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