December 29, 2010


Let's meet women this New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is this Friday – and it’s the BEST night to meet women all year.

Do you know how to get the girl you want? Do you have a plan?

(Seriously, New Year’s Eve is important. It’s when women are MOST open to meeting someone new. And it’s full of high quality women who don’t normally go out. Plus, for reasons of female psychology that we’ll get into in a second, it’s a night designed for same-night lays.)

So – clear your head for a second. Print this email out if you have to. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to have your best chances for New Year’s Eve. Relax and enjoy this holiday gift from Love Systems.

New Year’s Eve Tip #1 -- Before you go out…

The great Chinese warlord Sun Tzu once wrote (over 2,500 years ago) that “Every battle is won before it is fought.”

Same with women. If you are well-prepared for your night out, your chances of success are MUCH higher.

E.g.: It’s 1am. You’ve spent the last hour talking to the woman of your dreams. The energy at the party or nightclub is slipping a bit, and her friends are talking about going home / getting food / going to another party / etc.

What do you do?

A) Invite her and her friends to an after party you know about or are throwing?


B) Watch her leave with a guy who read this Love Systems’ insider newsletter and followed its lessons?

An after-party doesn’t need to be big or complicated. As long as you have somewhere to go with a decent number of people (your friends and her friends at worst) with music, drinks, and enough fun stuff going on to distract everyone, you should be okay. The important thing is that your “after-party”:

  • Sounds like something she could agree to that doesn’t imply she is going to have sex with you. Some women are comfortable telling their friends, “I’m going home with this guy I just met” but a lot more women would be comfortable with “He invited me to go to his friend’s party.”
  • Has enough going on to occupy her friends if they come along.
  • Has somewhere private to go with her (“logistics”).

When you take a woman home, make sure she has “plausible deniability” to any of her friends who are there. Give her a pretext or an “excuse” that she can use to explain why she left with you.

    Here’s a quick tip you can use anytime you are taking a woman from Place A to Place B: stop at your place on the way to get something (wallet, wine, whatever). A lot of the time, you can close the deal right then and her friends have no idea. This works really well when she is part of a group and you are all taking different cars – as long as she is alone in yours.

As you probably know, understanding female psychology (especially dating and sexual decision-making) is a huge advantage to get the girl you want. If you have an hour to listen to it carefully, I’d strongly suggest getting the exclusive secrets of female psychology interview. 

New Year’s Eve Tip #2 – Social Proof

You’ll probably go to one party or one club and stay there at least until midnight. If you’re spending lots of time in one place, most women will see you, observe you, and JUDGE you -- well before you even approach them.

That makes “social proof” so important.

Social proof is about how people see OTHER people reacting to you. If everyone around me is laughing and having a great time and hanging on my every word, I have social proof. Women notice and get interested – before I even look at them.

But a guy by himself, or with people who look like they don’t have a lot of social value – women also notice that and get turned off – before the guy even looks at them.

(This is back to female psychology again – how women are so dependent on what other people think of you for their own romantic and sexual decisions.)

One thing about being a world expert in dating beautiful women is that people think I am regularly doing insanely hard pickups. The girl who is with her parents, boyfriend and 10 of his friends in the private area of a restaurant that they’re about to leave in 15 seconds. While it’s burning down. And so on.

That’s actually not true.

Oh sure, if you’ve read my blog or some of my field reports, you’ll read about some very difficult pickups and what I had to do to make them happen. The threesome with the runway model who I met at the Playboy Mansion comes to mind (LINK)

But I’ll be honest with you – those are relatively rare.

Most of the time, what I do – what men who are truly successful with women do – is tilt the playing field in my favor. Let’s say picking up women was like throwing a ball. And let’s say that an extremely beautiful “untouchable” woman was like throwing a ball up a steep hill. That’s not very easy and you would have to have a lot of skill to do it. Just like picking up the star runway model at a Playboy Mansion fashion show wasn’t easy.

Instead, what I usually do – what Love Systems does – is to change the game. Give yourself enough advantages and you’re throwing the ball downhill. Where before you might only be able to throw it a few meters (= only get unattractive women), throwing downhill might get you the most desirable women, without changing your throwing motion. Just by making the game easier for you.

Social proof is just one of the ways you can do this. If she feels you have social status within the room (by knowing people or by being seen with other people who are enjoying your company or hanging on your words), you’re tilting the playing field in your favor when you go meet her.

Or sometimes, that will even make her approach you. I was sitting in on a Love Systems bootcamp a while ago, talking to two women, who were both obviously very interested. A third woman came up to talk to me, saying, “I guess this is where the party is.” I had social proof.

This also gets into the concept of “pre-selection”: Women like men who other women are attracted to.

It sounds strange, because we’re taught to be respectful, not to make a woman jealous, to show her you’re a good guy and would never cheat and you’re only interested in her because she is really, really special, and you don’t really talk to other women, and….

…that’s all a load of crap.

It’s another aspect of female psychology and we don’t really have space to go into all of the “why's” and “how's” of it here – just try it out next time you’re meeting women.

So… even if I go out alone, I’ll spend the first twenty minutes building massive social proof at the venue before I start approaching the women I’m interested in.

In my guide to dating and seduction (the Magic Bullets Handbook), I give away a bunch of tried-and-true ways to create social proof that anyone can use. Here’s one:

    When you are talking to a woman or a group of people, slowly move yourself or them so that you are leaning back, against a wall, facing the room, while she/they are facing you and the wall. Even if you’re just talking about the weather, to everyone else it will look like a group of people hanging on your every word. And hot women like men like that. A lot.

There are lots of other simple, practical things you can do to build social proof quickly when you enter a room. Say hi to everyone when you arrive. Don’t walk around and “check out the place.” Don’t wander around looking for the party – act like the party is where YOU are. Introduce people to each other, even people you just met. And so on.

We don’t really have time to cover social proof in detail here – if this is something where you need to upgrade your skills, these three interviews are best – click the links, they will start playing automatically.

  • The First 5 Minutes
  • Jealousy Plotlines
  • Being In State

New Year’s Eve Tip #3: Touch early, touch often

Sometimes a pick up could go either way – it could end in “let’s just be friends” or it could end in a phone number or a same-night encounter.

The difference? Usually it’s whether and how you touch her. This is a big subject, but these tips should get you started.

  • Touch people when you first start talking (within the first minute). Even if it’s just handshakes, hi-fives, whatever, make sure you start the ball rolling. If you wait and then start touching, it will feel “weird” to them.
  • Touch everyone at first. Nothing special for the women, nothing special for the woman you might be most interested in. This is actually a good way to limit yourself to social touch at first – handshakes, touching someone’s shoulder or elbow to make a point, and so on.
  • Until you’re “in” with a woman, touch should be fleeting, even as it gets more intense. If you put your arm around her (later), that’s great, but be the first to move it away before it gets uncomfortable or she moves it. Same thing with putting her on your lap, kissing, and so on. Until you get home…
  • Read the Love Systems Triad Model (free download)

A lot of guys aren’t used to being “touchy.” I wasn’t. It took me at least a month to get “natural” at it, and that involved forcing myself to do it in every conversation, every night.

Fortunately, the path can be a bit quicker for you – you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

New Year’s Eve Tip #4: Have Fun

This sounds like a throwaway line, but it isn’t. Emotions are contagious. When you are having fun, people have fun with you. If you are having fun, you will be much more “natural” and interesting. High-value men enjoy their lives. At least act like you’re enjoying yours. And it’s New Year’s Eve for #$()* sake!

So… make sure you go somewhere that is fun. Make sure you are with people who you like. Do what it takes to work on your own emotions – you’ll find that beautiful women are a lot more attracted to you if you do.

Good luck! And don’t forget to check out the knowledge base for anything you want to brush up on before the big night.

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Hey J,
It is possible. I recommend checking out Interview Series Vol. 41: Sarging Solo – (the first 10 minutes are free). Also, check out – there are a lot of posts by guys looking for wingmen.


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What if you dont have any friends because of your work? Is it even possible to do all this on the solo tip?

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