January 03, 2011


Bonus Pickup Video

Want to learn the secrets of what REALLY goes on at the bootcamps that everyone is talking about? This one is from Canadian TV on one of their national news shows.

It’s not quite as extensive as the ABC Primetime character assassination “news segment” from the 2010 Super Conference, but it’s a little more balanced.


By the way, if after watching the video you like Biskit’s style, you should listen to him and Bullet giving away their personal, exclusive secrets about meeting and dating that hot girl you work with.

Women you work with are a big missed opportunity for a lot of men. It’s too easy to talk yourself out of it. But with a few simple rules you can avoid putting your career at risk and avoid getting a reputation, while still enjoying everything your job has to offer.

Or, hey, talk yourself out of it. That leaves more attractive women for everyone else.

Speaking of the ABC Nightline controversy, when I was looking for the link to the video I found this – there’s a very active Facebook page about whether Love Systems is ethical. Check it out

And if you’re lost on what the whole ABC Nightline controversy is, watch the video and follow the discussion here: http://www.theattractionforums.com/general-discussion/132079-abc-nightline-tries-diss-love-systems-fails.html

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  • Check out this classic old post – it’s on a bit of a different track, but inviting a woman over for dinner can be a great move to advance a relationship. Don’t do this for the first date, save it for when she’s earned it. [LINK]
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