July 11, 2012


Vin Dicarlo | Pandora’s Box | The Dominant Sexual Power Program

Vin DiCarlo, formerly known as "Woodhaven," is a pick up artist (PUA) and dating coach. After hearing about seduction techniques, Vin searched online and found Ross Jeffries material as well as studying David DeAngelo.  Under the name "Woodhaven," Vin DiCarlo became a member of internet discussion forums on seduction and starting a PUA lair in Boston.  After attending a bootcamp put on by Sabastian Drake (Dimitri), Vin DiCarlo made such a good impression on Drake that they together went on to create bootcamps in Boston and New York under The Approach, Drake's company.  After staying with the company for a couple of year, Vin left to start his own company DiCarlo DiClassified.


Vin DiCarlo Pandora's Box | PUA

A big proponent of the "natural approach," Vin DiCarlo is fairly active in the creation of new products. His Pandora's Box System is the biggest and most popular of his products.  His system is called "Structural Natural Game" which is based mostly upon inner game and confidence skills as the key and most essential dating skills. His modus operandi includes various advice such as not wasting your time with someone you don't really value, taking control of your relationships and setting your own terms to yourself upfront.  He doesn't encourage lying, cheating, or manipulation, instead wanting you to be your "real self" and not pretend to be somebody you are not.  He also encourages you to expand your social circles in general and cultivate friendships of all kinds but not focusing exclusively on "pick up."

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