May 19, 2010


New Exclusive Video: Cajun on CTV's Sex Matters

You've probably never had the chance to learn the secrets of pick up and seduction from Cajun (aka Derek) - who proved by winning Keys to the VIP, a hidden camera pick up competition show, that he's got the skills to pick up beautiful women in any situation. (Don't feel bad; very few people have. Most of his bootcamps are sold out well in advance and there are only a few every year.)

So, we're doing the next best thing - bringing you secret hidden camera footage recorded by Canadian Television (CTV) of a recent Cajun-led bootcamp in Toronto.

Together, all four parts of the show go for about 25 minutes, so there's plenty of material. Here's just part of what you'll see:

  • How Cajun got started as one of the world's top dating coaches.

  • Clips from inside the top-secret Love Systems seminar room with Tenmagnet, Cajun, and Keychain revealing their secret techniques.

  • Cajun explaining why Love Systems doesn't use 'negs' or other out-of-date techniques and what works much better.

  • Cajun taking questions - some pretty aggressive - from a skeptical interviewer, offended guests, and even some random female "flirting coach" who will make your eyes roll so hard that watching her should be medically licensed as a cure for lazy eye.

Plus... hidden-camera footage from bars and clubs:

  • Cajun coaching bootcamp students on their initial approach.

  • Bootcamp students - most of whom had never picked up a "10" from a bar in their life before the bootcamp - showing off their new moves with some pretty fine women.

  • Cajun's legendary body language and presence as he picks up.

Here are the rest of Cajun's 4-part appearance:

To learn more from Cajun:

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Cajun LS
Cajun LS


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