November 12, 2009


Twelve Things You Can Do To Date More Women

Do These 12 Things RIGHT NOW to Improve with Women

Often as we get deep into a subject, we forget some of the things we first learned. It’s also easy – and BAD – to get into the habit of only thinking about meeting women on Friday nights when you go out. Self-improvement is 24-7.

Here are 12 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your results...

  1. Make and hold eye contact with everyone you talk to today. Make that a habit.

  2. Update your haircut. Seriously, this matters. Get a cool haircut by going to someone who knows what he’s doing or giving examples by cutting out pictures from magazines.

  3. Approach five women today. Then do it tomorrow and the next day. No excuses.

  4. Quick, what are three things you want in a woman (not physical things)? Don’t know this right away? You need this to be able to qualify women effectively. If you can’t qualify, you get flakes.

  5. Smile when you see or talk to someone the first time today. Make that a habit.

  6. Spend 30 minutes (no more) reading USEFUL and ACTIONABLE pick up material. It can be Magic Bullets, it can be the new Routines Manual, it can be the Lounge (if you’ve successfully graduated from a bootcamp), or the classic writings section of The Attraction Forums. Just do it.

  7. Redo your fashion and identity. Post pictures of yourself in your best outfits (delete your face if you want) in the Fashion and Style section of The Attraction Forums and look for feedback. Or check out other examples there.

  8. Learn three new routines (only 3 at a time). Don’t know any good routines? Check out the free chapters from Routines Manual 1 and Routines Manual 2.

  9. Use those routines today. And tomorrow.

  10. Quick, what are three things you want women to know about you within five minutes of meeting you? Don’t know this right away? It’s going to be hard to embed this information into your attraction material or storytelling if you don’t know what it is.

  11. Is your wingman positive, optimistic, and outgoing, and does he want you to get the girl even if he’s having an off night? No? Change your wingmen. (See the wingman board on The Attraction Forums.)

  12. Put yourself out of your social comfort zone at least once today. Approach a woman you generally wouldn’t (e.g., at a restaurant). Or, tell a random stranger a story. Feel the social anxiety and feel yourself getting through it. Do it again tomorrow.

Print out that list and tape it to your wall or desk. Every day – even days you’re not going out to meet women – read it over. Every day you have at least a dozen things you can do that will make you more attractive.

Plus, a lot of them will do everyone a lot of good in other areas of their lives as well. I use Love Systems in business and everyday life all the time.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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