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Founded by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger in 2007, The Art of Charm Inc. is a PUA company that focuses more on the front end of your interactions with women as a pick up artist, especially on approaching them, attracting and flirting with them, and then building a connection with them in order to progress in your PUA goals.

The focus therefore is on developing oneself into a better man who possesses the requisite conversational and social skills needed in order to project better communicational acuity in your pick up artist activities with women.  In developing one's abilities to project yourself as being "high value" alongside with mastering one's ability to be charming and charismatic, the goal is to unlock your potential in a constructive way.

Master the Art of Charm

The Art of Charm provides a free meetup group and introductory class for those who are interested, as well as a podcast one can sign up for.

The Art of Charm Academy is a monthly service that bills itself as a "6 month at-home bootcamp" where the customer is given various exercises, workbooks, and videos in order to progress in their goals.  Feedback from instructors is also included.

The Get The Date Seminar is a one day seminar specializing in conquering your approach anxiety, how to increase your odds of getting a phone number, and how to turn those phone numbers into dates with lower chances of flaking.  The emphasis lies on such things at making connections as well as presenting the correct body language.

The Attraction Arts 3-Day Program is a bootcamp designed to cover the fundamentals and basics involved in approaching women and generation attraction.  The emphasis is upon discovering and crafting one's own attractive personal identity which can then be presented to women confidently in order to generate attraction.  18 hours are spent in the classroom, going over the basic concepts with your dating coaches.  Then over the course of 8 in-field hours, the dating coaches work side-by-side with the customer in order to work with him on techniques through immediate feedback.

The Attraction Arts Weeklong Program is a longer and more in-depth version of the bootcamp whereby the customer is given 24 hours of classroom training over the course of the week while also going out every day with the instructors for 18 hours of in-field demonstrations, coaching, and feedback.

The Advanced Rapport and Seduction Program is another week-long program, but focuses instead on more advance issues of identity creation and the construction of deeper values which effects all of one's social interactions, not just with women.  Then the work moves to focus in upon issues of making a deep connection and building comfort through the showing of genuine interest.  With genuine comfort comes the byproduct that people, especially women, want to be around you more and helps make sure that there isn't anymore uncomfortable silences in your interactions.  Physical escalation and the ability to express genuine interest in a woman is also covered.  As with the Attraction Art Weeklong Program, there are 24 hours of classroom instruction and 18 hours of in-field pick up artist work.

Finally, The Art of Charm has a platinum program that give access to potential pick up artists to all of their programs on selected dates for a whole year.

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