October 30, 2009


Love Systems' Official Halloween Pickup Guide

See, as a man you have three big advantages in your favor this weekend.


People act to fulfill their roles. Dress like a loser and it's easy to act like one. Dress like a man who makes things happen, and you fall into that role.

(Have you ever put on a suit and instantly felt a bit more powerful? That's what I'm talking about.)

Look at the military. They're not dummies. They insist on every aspect of your appearance and dress being exact and to specifications. They want behavior that is exact, and to specifications. They're not a huge fan of individual flair.

In my female psychology interview, I explained how women are bound both by "macro" (general) rules and "micro" rules - the ones that apply to specific friends in specific situations.

There's nothing in the air in Ibiza or Las Vegas that makes women want to have sex. But, sex happens more - partly because the "micro" rules of female social groups let this happen without a hit to their reputation.

Halloween is the same way. She'll be dressed for sex. Her friends will be dressed for sex. There is a lot of flirting and competing for attention. It's the kind of night when a woman who doesn't normally go home with a new guy will make an exception.

By the way, if you don't have the female psychology interview yet, you're missing the fundamentals of a lot of what we're doing here. Listen to the first ten minutes (free) right now:

(Make sure the sound on your computer is on first.)



You already know that role plays are a MAJOR building block for attraction. This goes double in high-energy, nightclub-type environments. It goes triple with younger women. And quadruple on Halloween.

Not only are role plays super-effective - almost NECESSARY - but they're really easy. After all, you are both wearing costumes. You're already role-playing!

This makes your choice of costume important. It's the role you'll be playing. Her costume will be skanky, so run with that. You could be a pimp. Or a cop. Or a Rockstar and she's your groupie, etc.

Choose anything compatible with "skanky costume" and run with it. It should also be higher-value than hers. Drop the opinion openers and either approach direct or approach "in character."

Now, you still need to know how role plays work, how to advance them, and when to stop. Keys to the VIP winner Cajun and Tenmagnet have that locked down. Click here to start listening to their interview on Role Plays right away.


Halloween is like New Year's Eve for another reason...

A lot of women will be out partying who don't usually go out. That means more variety. The girl who has better things to do most Saturdays than another night at the club will still be out on Halloween.

That means you should be also. It also means that you're not going to get all of the usual "tests" from club-going women.

Women who go out every night get hit on a lot. They have ways of putting you on the spot and other tests they do to see which men are worth their time. (It's incredibly counter-productive, because most of these women say they don't want "players." But, they set up tests that only guys who have been around the block a few times - players - can pass. Anyway, this is advice for men, not for women, so moving on...)

Now you should know how to handle tests. Any hot woman whom you don't know will test you at least a little.

So, these women that don't usually go out... who are dressed sexier than usual... surrounded by other beautiful, scantily-clad women...

They will want validation.

It's important to give them enough validation to get them interested, but not enough to complete the circle. Always leave them wanting more.

Giving and making a woman work for validation is what "Qualification" is all about. Qualification happens right after Attraction - so once she's attracted to you, qualify her.

Alright, now here are some specific, practical things you can do to get the girl this weekend:

  • If you have a nice body, use Halloween to show it off. Women do. You'll be laughed at with an open chest most nights, but not on Halloween.
  • Plan your opener along with your costume. If you're a rock star, approach her saying "I knew Groupie #51 was around here somewhere." Smile. She'll play along.
  • Make sure of your logistics. There are lots of house parties on Halloween, and these make great excuses to leave the club or another party with her. You have friends that you HAVE to introduce her to. If you get to the party and they aren't there, no one will care.
  • Better still, use the gap to swing by your house "to pick up a bottle" or "to get my wallet." Only mention that once you start driving. She may not want to go to the next party either.
  • You can probably see by now how planning is key. The pit stop between your houses has to be natural and at least somewhat on the way.
  • "Pulls" are a bit easier because no one can find their friends anyway. So are "bathroom pulls" or other more exotic encounters - the costumes give a feeling of anonymity. That can be a powerful fantasy for a lot of women.

Alright folks, brush up on your skills and have fun this weekend.

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