October 26, 2009


Get Your Dream Girl - Find Love

“But what about love?”

Does a practiced, efficient way of attracting beautiful women get in the way of spontaneity, rushes of emotion, and, for lack of a better word, love?

It’s tempting to just say “no” and move on, but that’s not really true.  The real answer is “sometimes.”

But the thing is, if a man hasn’t had much success with women, he’s probably not ready for love. In fact, he’s apt to confuse love with a life raft.

Love is notoriously hard to define. However, we can all agree that one element of love is a rush of powerful emotions toward someone else. You adore her, you want to protect her, you want to know everything about her, you want to spend lots of time with her, you want to open up to each other, and so on.

Unfortunately, those are the same emotions a man will feel when he’s all of a sudden improved his dating life. If you’ve spent your life eating hot dogs and then suddenly discover steak, that first steak is going to taste really, really good. So good that you might want to hold onto that experience, or if you lose it, you might want to chase it until you get it back.

That’s often how it is with guys who have taken a Love Systems bootcamp or studied up on Magic Bullets or the Love Systems Routines Manual. They are quickly able to attract more and better quality women than they have before, and it’s easy to mistake that elation for love.

Though many men do meet the “love of their life” on a Love Systems bootcamp, we actually advise men to hold off for at least a couple of months after their bootcamp before getting into any kind of relationship.

In other words, go try a few different steaks at a few different restaurants. If there’s one that really does it for you, by all means head back there. If not, then what you were feeling was infatuation, not love.

Top Love Systems instructor “Future” wrote a classic article on this subject, called Kill Beatrice. It’s well worth checking out, and explodes the myth of that one special girl. (Or, if you’re a woman reading this, that one special guy.)

On the other hand, there are people who say that finding love is incompatible with the pick up artist lifestyle. That’s also completely wrong.

Men who have had experience with plenty of desirable women are in a much better position to recognize the one who is special. They are also more able to commit, without wondering what else is out there.

Of course, many pick up artists aren’t ready or looking for love. However, that applies to a lot of men. It’s also sort of irrelevant, since love is something that happens to you whether you’re looking for it or not.

Whether you are looking for love or a one-night stand, the first step is to become as attractive and compelling to women as possible.   Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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